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Periodic Contribution Reports and End-of-Year Statements Carla J Haiar, Diocese of Sioux Falls.

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1 Periodic Contribution Reports and End-of-Year Statements Carla J Haiar, Diocese of Sioux Falls

2 IRS Publications Publication 1771 A donor cannot claim a tax deduction for any contribution of cash, a check or other monetary gift unless the donor maintains a record of the contribution in the form of either a bank record (such as a cancelled check) or a written communication from the charity (such as a receipt or letter) showing the name of the charity, the date of the contribution, and the amount of the contribution.

3 Preparing your Database IRS Requirements continue to change, plan on sending EOY statements to EVERYONE who has contributed. End of Year statements can also be used as a solicitation of additional gifts and not just run at “End of Year”. Be aware that postal regulations require first class mailing of Tax Statements.

4 Audit Family Data Statements will NOT print if you are missing a mailing address, zip code, last name. Reports > ParishSOFT Reports Census Menu > Family Filtering and Sorting Set Filters to Registered? = Both Envelopes? = Both Click on Show Results Sort by each column heading searching for null values

5 Audit Funds Only Funds that have Tax Deduct checked should be included in your Statement. Review these funds for spelling errors and accuracy in Tax Deduct field.

6 Contribution Reports Click on ParishSOFT Reports > Contribution Reports Menu > Periodic Contribution Reports. Click on the KEY button to run Periodic Contribution Reports.

7 Date Range Select the Beginning and Ending dates. For annual contribution records, set the dates to 1/1/2010 – 12/31/2010 The Date Range works ONLY with the contributions. Pledge records ignore the date range and use the life of the pledge.

8 Registration Choose Registered, Not Registered, or Both. Choose Everyone to pull contribution records for every family. Choose Only this Family and then select one family name.

9 Contribution Level Selections Choose Only Contributors, Only Non-Contributors, or leave both boxes unchecked to get records for both contributors and non- contributors. Check the box for Contributors Only to automatically populate the Annual Contribution Min[imum] with $.01. No Max[imum] amount value defaults. Check the box for Only Non-Contributors to automatically populate the Annual Contribution Min and Max fields with $0.00. Enter specific Min and Max amounts if you wish to send different letters to those families who give at different monetary ranges.

10 Funds Choose one or more funds! When no fund is selected, the report pulls records for all of the tax-deductible funds. Leave the fund selection at the default –where just the Select Funds box is checked to report on all tax-deductible funds. To report on specific funds, click to select one or more funds from the list. To see which funds are tax-deductible, click the Show button—this auto-selects just the tax deductible funds.

11 Workgroups You can choose one or more Family Workgroups for your report—just click to select! This feature is ideal for parishes with very specific contribution reporting needs. For example, report on families with children enrolled in school to verify a specific tithing amount and determine appropriate discounts on school tuition.

12 Print Options The Sort By options include: Last, First Envelope Number ZIP, Last, First Membership ID Total Contributions (in ascending order) Detail Stmnt Columns 2 or 3 Column Layout (for Detailed Statements) These radio buttons apply to the Detailed Statement only. The layout of the three-column report reduced font size and more column spacing. To select, click the 3 button. The two-column option has now ccommodates a larger font size; however, it will increase the number of pages in your statements (compared with the three-column option). To select, click the 2 button.

13 Select Body of Statement Click on Select Body of Statement to open the letter editor. Select the Letter name from the drop down box. You may have up to 5 different letters. Type or paste in your letter text. Click the Save Icon to change the letter. Click the Close Icon to close this form.

14 Show Pledge Info Pledge records will print for the Selected Funds. Pledge records that display on your statements are for the LIFE OF THE PLEDGE If you have created any $0 dollar pledges for your selected funds, these pledge records WILL appear on your statements.

15 Honor Do Not Send Mail Leave this unchecked as EVERYONE should receive a statement. Include IRS Disclaimer

16 Detail Family Statement 3 columns with Pledge Information. All pledges whose funds are selected will be displayed. IRS requires DETAILS in all tax intended statements.

17 Detail Family by Member Statement 3 columns with Pledge Information. All pledges whose funds are selected will be displayed. IRS requires DETAILS in all tax intended statements.

18 Customize the Report Let’s change the heading from Detail FambyMemb Statement to Contributions Report. In Print Preview, right mouse click on report, to display your edit options. Select Design View.

19 Customize the Report (cont) Click in field with the text Details by FamMem Statement. Replace the text with Report. Click the view the results of the change. Click file and Save if you are happy with the results. Never DELETE fields on a report.

20 Customize the Report (cont) If there is a field you do NOT want displayed on a report, left click the field to select it, right mouse click on the field and choose Properties. Click in the Visible field and change to No.

21 Customize the Report (cont) Again, Preview your changes and Save only if you are happy with the results. Saving the report will replace the DEFAULT report.

22 Summary Family Stmnt Statement displays summarized amounts by fund. Pledge information may be included if you wish. Not an acceptable IRS format.

23 End of Year reports may be printed and filed away for future reference. Family Report

24 List by Last Name and Mailing Name of Totals given throughout date range. Pastor Report

25 Pastor asks for everyone who hasn’t given to the Annual Appeal. Select Registered, Non- Contributors, Select the Fund, Recalculate and Preview the report. Non-Contributors to your Annual Appeal

26 This is a great time to include the current family registration form for review! Reports > ParishSOFT Reports> Census Menu > Other Reports > Family Registration Forms Select Registered, watch your sort order as these forms are printed by Last Name, First Names Family Registration Reports

27 A few reminders … Add notes in your record when you change a head member status such as deceased or divorced. Names such as VanOverschelde – please do NOT put a space in the name (such as Van Overschelde) Punctuation should not appear in a mailing address Try to have PO boxes in the Mailing tab with physical Home address in the Home tab of the address Careful with Mailing Names – no punctuation here CFSA list will be pulled the last week in January

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