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1 Mentoring Strategy in Futuro Infantil Hoy : Social Innovation in Early Childhood Education.

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1 1 Mentoring Strategy in Futuro Infantil Hoy : Social Innovation in Early Childhood Education

2 2 Our History 1.1.- Fundación Minera Escondida 1.2.- Futuro Infantil Hoy Program 1.3.- FIH Focus Teacher Professional Development Process 2.1.-Pedagogical and Community leadership 2.2.- Mentor Team Setting a Culture of Continuous Improvement 3.1.- Where are we today? 3.2. Strengthening Sustainability

3 3 Towards Sustainable Mining Mining is an opportunity to grow with the communities Strengthen social and human capital. Diversify the work and social productive base, in the region

4 4 FUTURO INFANTIL HOY an inspiring idea “Building a center for development of quality for Early Childhood Education in the Region of Antofagasta ”

5 5 General Objective Futuro Infantil Hoy Programe “Developing a learning experience and community intervention with a sociocultural focus, aimed to improve both the cognitive and social learning of children as well as strengthen pedagogical practices and family and community involvement, that is sustainable over time.”

6 6 Futuro Infantil Hoy from the actors voices ….….

7 7 Nuestros Pilares Fuente: Informe UWS

8 8 Nuestra Historia 2008 – 2010: Development of pilot project Futuro Infantil Hoy -5 children centers -640 children -1 LGA 2011: -Starting the program Futuro Infantil Hoy -Mentors join program 2012: -Pasantia“Training Mentors” Today: -15 early childhood centers -- 1.400 children -3 LGA areas 180 Educators and Technical Educators (teaching assistant)s Closing the programe (2013) Pilot phaseEscalation phase

9 9 Framework for the Professional Development of early childhood educators in the Region of Antofagasta Pedagogical Leadership



12 12 What did we learn on the way?

13 13 Critical Friend Enhancing Authonomy Pedagogical Reflexion Leaderships Leadership in Change Coaching Team work Classroom reflection Pasantía Mentors: Cascade Model Local capacities Profesional mobility Practical knowledge New Cycle Educational Team Educational Team Strategies Orientation Implementation Consolidation

14 14 Keys for Mentoring CriteriaImplementationskills Profesional experience Understanding the focus Visit systematization Understanding of coaching Programe identity High leadership skills High Reflexion Capacity Inquiry skills Adapting to Changes

15 15 Fortaleciendo la Sustentabilidad Mentors: Indentified strengths Enhancing leadership Include opportunities for reflection Reflexivity: Continuous improvement practice Improve results from practice Skills: LeadershipLeadership Reflexivity Reflexivity Transversatility Transversatility

16 16 Continuous improvement practice: Where are we today Educational CentresMentors Team Participants institutions Setting the base line Empowering autonomy Identifying challenges and strengths Joining vocational trainings Understanding approaches Theory of Change. New leaders training Systematization of experience New vision on coaching

17 17 The future for children is always today Tomorrow will be too late Gabriela Mistral

18 18 Thank you

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