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Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework.

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1 Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework

2 >Internationally, there is unequivocal evidence that the quality of teaching is the most significant in-school factor affecting student outcomes >There is also strong evidence that better appraisal and feedback leading to targeted development can improve teacher performance The motivation >Australian teachers report that they do not always get the feedback they need to improve

3 Teacher performance has been shown to improve when the following conditions are present: >Opportunities for teacher self-reflection and objective setting >Regular classroom observation and provision of constructive feedback from their school leader, as well as their peers >Frequent feedback on classroom performance as an ongoing dialogue, not a once a year discussion >Shadowing, coaching and mentoring from peers and leaders >Opportunities to contribute to and engage in teamwork, collaboration and action learning with other teachers to obtain the best possible outcomes for students Growing our potential, Hay Group, 2012

4 Dandenong North Primary School, Victoria

5 Think, Group, Share What strategies are contributing to Dandenong North Primary School’s attempts to build a comprehensive approach to teacher performance and development? >Record your responses on the worksheet >Each group to present their responses >Consolidate the responses >Identify those that might be relevant to your school, and what would need to change

6 >The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) is working with stakeholders on national consultation on the implementation Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework >The Framework will strengthen a performance and development culture in our schools that focuses on improving teaching and, through this, improving student learning

7 >A new resource for Australia’s teachers >Supports teachers to receive effective performance and development opportunities >Ensures that every teacher, in every school receives regular, appropriate and constructive feedback on their performance >Provides opportunities to identify areas for development >Provides effective and ongoing support to further improve practice

8 Components of the Framework: >A culture of performance and development >Performance and development cycle >Essential elements >Importance of implementation

9 >Focus on student outcomes > Clear understanding of effective teaching > Leadership > Flexibility > Coherence


11 >The challenge is to create a school culture that focuses on improvement in teaching and learning, in a climate of trust, collaboration and ongoing feedback >These improvement activities need to align with the school’s plans >It is only within this performance and development culture that a focus on teacher performance and development can deliver its full benefits

12 >Performance and development occurs in a cycle which provides a focus for appraising, developing and refining teaching and recognising the entitlements of teachers to receive feedback and support >Elements of the cycle are interwoven, will not necessarily occur in order and may take more or less time depending on circumstances >However, the cycle provides a useful way of thinking about the process, and assists in identifying its important elements

13 >Effective, ongoing and constructive feedback on performance >Access to support and development opportunities >Increased professional growth through mentoring and coaching >Enhanced professional satisfaction >Formal recognition of professional achievements >Access to networks through school and system wide collaboration

14 Links to other processes

15 >Form groups of 4 >First brainstorm the challenges >Now identify any mitigation strategies that your group can think of >Finally outline the priorities for support required to enable effective implementation >Share with all participants

16 >What existing strategies are contributing to your school’s attempts to build a comprehensive approach to teacher performance and development? >What would you like to see in a future video highlighting your school’s performance and development practices?

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