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Education for Sustainability UNSW and NSW State Initiatives.

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1 Education for Sustainability UNSW and NSW State Initiatives

2 Key principles of EfS  Holistic approach to sustainability  Values based  Context specific (cultural and social relevance)  Pedagogical and epistemological approach  Collaborative and participative framework  Critical thinking and capacity building for change

3 EfS  NSW State Initiatives  Learning for Sustainability (NSW EE Action Plan)  Sustainable Schools Program  UNSW Initiatives  Education for Sustainability  FBE curriculum  Masters in BE (SD)  Sustainable Living Project

4 NSW Learning for Sustainability Environmental Education Plan Vision: “Effective and integrated environmental education which builds the capacity of the people of NSW to be informed and active participants in moving society towards sustainability”

5 NSW Learning for Sustainability Key principles  Assisting community participation  Integrated with other environmental management tools  Acknowledges complex interactions between diverse aspects of societal problems  Focus on social change towards sustainability  Lifelong learning relevant to all aspects of living  Continual improvement a requirement for effective programs

6 EfS at UNSW  Integrated approach to curriculum change  Interdisciplinary across all teaching programs  Focus on student critical thinking skills development  Envisions sustainability as a content base for all teaching programs

7 Faculty of the Built Environment  Curriculum integration in all programs  Masters in BE ( sustainable development)  Sustainable Living Project (SLP)  Eco-Innovate (youth capacity building model)  Sustainable Living Competition (incentives model)  Knowledge Networks (professional and resource development model for curriculum change)

8 The Sustainable Living Project Vision: "Through the vehicle of Australia’s high schools, the mission of the Sustainable Living Project is to foster a vision of hope in a sustainable future within young people while providing mechanisms for our educators, as key mentors, to deliver a future generation with the tools and ability to engage effectively in creating a future balanced between the needs of society and the needs of the earths ecology that supports us."

9 The Sustainable Living Project  Education for Sustainability initiative  Vision of EfS as a tool for change  Targets:  Formal Education Sector (Sustainable living Competition)  Young people (Eco-innovate)  Teachers (Knowledge Networks)

10 Eco-innovate 03  UNEP partnered Asia Pacific youth capacity building model  Piloted an EfS framework based on Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future (UNESCO/Griffith)  Provides a holistic vision of sustainability aimed at inspiring action for change  Provides ongoing support to young people actively engaged in innovation for sustainability

11 Sustainable Living Competition  Incentives for EfS  Encouraging innovation and leadership  Rewarding individual, class level and school level efforts towards sustainability  Links with other national EE initiatives and programs  Provides opportunity and support to teachers championing sustainability in high schools nationally

12 Knowledge Networks Project  Curriculum Change  Participation  Action Research  Professional development  Key resource development  Education for Sustainability database  Builds upon NSW Learning for Sustainability plan.

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