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Blackberry Picking.

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1 Blackberry Picking

2 Personal Response Once you have read the poem, answer the following questions: Describe one thing you liked about the poem and one thing you didn’t like about the poem and why. Did you feel like you understood the poem? What did you think the poem is about? Did you find the ideas in the poem interesting? What did you find interesting (or not) about them?

3 Context Blackberry Picking was published in as part of the collection titled Death of a Naturalist. It is one of many poems in the collection that explores simple events and images of the natural world where Heaney first lived.

4 Vocabulary Find and record the meanings of the following words: Byre
Hoarded Cache Fermented

5 Summary- What is the Poem About?
Brainstorm in your groups what you think the poem is about? Try to describe what the poem is literally talking about, and the message or ideas that you think Heaney is alluding to.

6 Summary- What is the Poem About?
Literally, the poem is about picking blackberries- no prizes for working that one out! Heaney discusses the excitement of picking the blackberries, and then the disappointment when the berries begin to rot before they can be eaten. Heaney discusses the nature of humans- not being able to enjoy something until its gone. Heaney also conveys the loss of childhood innocence.


8 Close Reading the Poem…

9 Structure Although the poem is not physically split into two sections, there is a point when the tone alters significantly. Where would you argue that the first section ends and the second begins? What is discussed in each section?

10 The Two Sections Section 1- Lines This section discusses the picking of the blackberries and their consumption. Section 2- Lines This section discusses the spoiling/rotting of the remaining berries. The first section is much longer than the second. This reflects the persona’s positive memory being more important, and more dominant, than their memory of the spoiling of the berries.

11 Section 1- Imagery Read through the first section of the poem and complete the following tasks. Underline/highlight any examples of similes, metaphors and personification. Using a different colour, underline all the references to colours.

12 Section 1- Diction Circle or underline all the adjectives in the first section of the poem. What connotations do these words have? How does Heaney use these adjectives to establish tone in the first section? Now consider verbs. How does Heaney choose verbs for a similar purpose in the first section?

13 Section 1- Diction Make a list of the pronouns that are used in the first section of the poem. What do these pronouns tell us about Heaney’s experience of blackberry picking? How does this address effect the reader of the poem?

14 Section 1- Sound Devices
Identify any examples of sound devices in the first section of the poem (assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia). How do the sound devices used contribute to the tone of this section of the poem?

15 Section Two- Identifying Techniques
Identify examples of the following techniques in the second section of the poem. Remember to use different coloured pens/highlighters. Figurative Language- metaphor, simile, personification. Adjectives Verbs Sound Devices- onomatopoeia, assonance, alliteration, rhyme.

16 Paragraph Writing Point/Topic Sentence- state clearly the idea you will be discussing in your paragraph, making sure to use key words from the question. Evidence- at level two you should be aiming to include at least two specific pieces of evidence from the text (quotes) Explanation- this should be detailed. You need to explain WHAT the effect of your example is and HOW this effect is created (WHY does it make you think that) Link- this is where you link back to your point/the question, you should use key words and ensure that you are discussing the relevance or importance of your point.

17 Paragraph Writing Task
You are going to write two paragraphs. Each paragraph should respond to the question; Analyse how Seamus Heaney uses language features to develop tone/mood in the poem Blackberry Picking One paragraph must discuss a technique used in the first section of the poem. The other paragraph must discuss a technique used in the second section of the poem. They can be DIFFERENT techniques in each paragraph.

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