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‘War Photographer’ Carol Ann Duffy.

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1 ‘War Photographer’ Carol Ann Duffy

2 Discussing the Issue Think of the recent conflicts that have arisen globally e.g. conflict in Iraq. Now think about the images we see in the media. Think about the reasons why the media decide to show photographs from war zones.

3 Questions What do we often see in images from war zones?
Why do you think those in charge of newspapers/TV decide to show images from war zones? What do you think it would feel like to be a ‘war photographer’? How might a war photographer feel about the value of the job they are doing?

4 Examples On the next few slides you will see some examples of images from different war zones. We shall discuss the focus of each photograph – what are we drawn to? For each photograph, you should think about how you are made to feel. You should then think about what the photographer would have been going through as they took the photo.






10 Discussion Points Do you think Duffy’s poem is pro or anti-war photography? How do you think this photographer feels about their job? Pride or guilt? How do you think Duffy feels towards the newspaper editors? What does Duffy seem to be suggesting about the way the readers react to seeing these images? What is Duffy trying to point out about life in Britain compared to Beirut etc?

11 Poem Analysis – First Step
In pencil, underline the words/phrases which you think are important. If you identify any techniques, write the term in pencil at the end of the line. Once complete, think about the overall tone of this poem. Make sure that you have highlighted all the words which help establish this tone.

12 Developing Analysis When you are writing about this poem you will have to explain why you think each technique has been used. Think – what does it suggest or show. You may wish to record your ideas in a table…

13 Quotation Literal Meaning Idea/Emotion Suggested ‘finally alone’ Photographer is seeking solace; possibly trying to escape something – perhaps guilt/memories. ‘spools of suffering’ Reel of pictures taken in war zone. Photos have captured and taken on the pain of those in the picture. The spools themselves now represent something agonising to the photographer.

14 Final Thoughts Tone – which word best describes the overall tone of the poem: somber, serious, sarcastic? Mood – now think about the mood/atmosphere. How does the poem make us feel? Sound techniques – did you notice any of the following: alliteration, assonance or onomatopoeia?

15 Critical Essay Practice
The Basics

16 Essay Outline Introduction
At least 4 paragraphs developing points about the text. Conclusion

17 Essay Task – 2008 Int 2 Choose a poem which creates an atmosphere of sadness, pity, or loss. Show how the poet creates the atmosphere and what effect it has on your response to the subject matter of the poem.

18 Higher Choose a poem which deals with conflict or danger or death. Show how the poet creates an appropriate mood for the subject matter and go on to discuss how effectively she/he uses this mood to enhance your understanding of the central idea of the poem.

19 Step 1 – Highlight key words
Choose a poem which creates an atmosphere of sadness, pity, or loss. Show how the poet creates the atmosphere and what effect it has on your response to the subject matter of the poem. In other words, we must use evidence to study how the poet makes us feel pity and go on to say why this is important for the overall message of the poem

20 Step 2 – Mind Map Photographer Haunted by memories Witnessed suffering

21 Step 4 – Bullet Point Plan
For each paragraph, write your opening statement/topic. Note relevant evidence. Briefly note key points and ensure relevance to task.

22 Topic Sentences Topic sentences make a general point.
There should be clear reference to the question with key words being used. Carol Ann Duffy’s use of word choice is very important in this poem. The first description of the photographer gains our sympathy as we discover how difficult his job is for him.

23 Int 2 – Suggested Topic Sentences
In the first verse, Duffy creates an atmosphere of pity through her description of the photographer as he prepares to develop his pictures. This pity is extended as we realise the difficulty the photographer has coping with his job. The atmosphere of pity is developed as Duffy highlights the contrast between the conditions at home and in the war zones he visits. As Duffy describes the pictures in more detail, she creates pity for those suffering in war. Finally, Duffy creates pity for both the photographer and those in the pictures when she describes the reactions of those seeing the photos.

24 Introduction You must refer to the following: The title;
The name of the author; The type of text – poem etc. Reference to the question.

25 PEER Format Point – topic from text. Evidence – summary and quotation.
Explanation – analysis of ideas and emotions suggested. Reference to task – link evidence to overall task/essay question.

26 Paragraph Format Remember that each paragraph should have the following key features: Point – a clear topic sentence. Evidence – summary in own words plus use of quotation. Explanation – Analyse quotations, explaining the effect and the idea/emotion created. There should be a clear link to the task.

27 Example Paragraph When Duffy describes the character of the war photographer, we are made to feel pity for his situation. In the first line we are told that he is ‘finally alone’ as he escapes to the solitude of his ‘darkroom’. The word ‘finally’ implies that this man has been desperate to be alone for some time and may also be seen to suggest he is haunted by his experiences. His ‘darkroom’ offers him somewhere to hide, but there is also suggestions of something sinister going on. We understand that this man will have witnessed terrible things and his need for escape shows how horrendous this job must be.

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