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By Rajan Maharjan (Sprout Technology Pvt Ltd) 1 Mobile Apps Development in Nepal.

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1 By Rajan Maharjan (Sprout Technology Pvt Ltd) 1 Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

2  Mobile apps are apps that allows us to do certain task through mobile.  It could be games, or an app to connect to facebook chat, or business custom app that let you connect to your related business task via internet.  Examples: Games, commercial business apps like, mig33, facebook chat app etc. 2Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

3  iPhone Mobile OS (iOS) ◦ Product of Apple ◦ Host Development OS : Mac OS X ◦ Written in Objective C Language ◦ IDE used Xcode  Android Mobile OS ◦ Product of Google (Open Source Mobile OS) ◦ Host Development OS : Windows & Mac OS X ◦ Written in Java ◦ IDE used Eclipse using ADT plugin 3Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

4  Blackberry Mobile ◦ Product of Research In Motion (RIM) ◦ Host Development OS : Windows OS ◦ Written in Java ◦ IDE used Eclipse using Blackberry Plugin or Blackberry JDE.  Windows Phone 7 ◦ Product of Microsoft ◦ Host Development OS : Windows OS ◦ Written in C# or ◦ IDE used Visual Studio 2010 4Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

5  Nokia uses symbian OS. Java programs can be executed.  Nokia phones has varieties of phone models  It makes developers difficult to develop an app which would work in all models.  Head ache to maintain your app once created. Mobile Apps Development in Nepal5

6  Same with Blackberry phones, so some analytics also refer Blackberry phones as dying platform.  No developer would want to program for Blackberry because its so painful (API, less support etc)  Blackberry has still users because of its security facility it provides. Mobile Apps Development in Nepal6

7  Must have strong OOP programming concept  Background knowledge of C, C++, Java,,  Leadership ability would be great plus  Strongly interested in Mobile development 7Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

8  Self learning Capability with little guidance  Learn by searching and from community forums  university has syllabus for learning iPhone development. Please visit this site to learn more about their assignments and lecture videos. Mobile Apps Development in Nepal8

9  Mobile market is gaining large popularity  After introduction of Android OS by google, lately, the mobile market has drastically grown in developing countries like ours also.  Affordable Android touch phones and tablets are available in Nepal 9Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

10  NTC planning to launch iPhone 4 to Nepal  Great opportunity for iPhone developers and for possible investors in Nepal  Please join group: “NTC should bring Apple to Nepal” in facebook for support.  Please refer to my blog for more information if you are interested. 10Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

11  Last few years was the age for web development. There are dozens of web development companies in Nepal with great competition.  But Very Few Mobile Development Teams in Nepal  But westerns are outsourcing more Mobile projects to Nepal (especially Android and iPhone projects) 11Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

12  People are investing a lot of money in West on mobile projects.  Research shows reason behind this is that you can use your product in mobile, everywhere and any time you want.  You will be with your mobile all the time. 12Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

13  There is possibly large scope for developers to work on these projects  Large scope for internal Business personal to invest on creating their custom business oriented app for mobile devices. 13Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

14  Angry birds, the most successful game in the Mobile World.  It first came for iOS platform. Later it became available for most platforms.  Raised more than $ 100 million till now  One successful game creation, you don’t have to create another. Mobile Apps Development in Nepal14

15  It is way more difficult to program mobile games than mobile apps.  Needs to be very strong backgrounded and skilled programmer.  Will have discussion may be some other presentations ;) Mobile Apps Development in Nepal15

16  Yes there are large opportunities, both for developers and investors.  People should grab these opportunities, both developers and investors.  Will always eager to help grow and grab these opportunities to fellow junior programmers who really want to be mobile developers. 16Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

17  Any comments / questions Contact me  Follow me on Twitter: mysticboy59  Connect me on facebook: (  Blog: http://learninprogram.blogspot.com  Email: 17Mobile Apps Development in Nepal

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