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Chan pak lim chau ho chit cheung tak ching yip pak ho g2

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1 Chan pak lim chau ho chit cheung tak ching yip pak ho g2
310KM Mobile Commerce Applications Tutorial 4 Team Assignment & Presentation Chan pak lim chau ho chit cheung tak ching yip pak ho g2

2 System Introduction   Windows Mobile System is a mobile phone operating system developed base on the Microsoft Windows operating system It can seamlessly connect to PC . Windows Mobile system also provide users a high level of usability and great extendable possibility , because it has been Windows family As same as Microsoft Windows on desktop PC with the Start menu, Explorer, IE, Windows Media Player and so on. Windows user can be easy to use and easy to learn.

3 Advantages and Disadvantages
Interface and operation and Windows XP on a PC is very close. For most people are very familiar and approachable. All stored in the computer or cell phone information, data can be easily shared. Another point is supporting touch screen and handwriting Make more convenient when surfing on Internet Disadvantages Occupy system resources cause the system crashes easily Responding slowly Need plug-ins to install the software Most function for Commercial, lack of entertainment

4 System Introduction   Symbian develop from Motorola, Siemens, Nokia formed a joint venture co-funded company that specializes in developing mobile phone operating system. Symbian system is a real-time, multi-tasking of 32-bit operating systems, with low power consumption, occupy less memory, very suitable for mobile phones and other mobile devices. It is a open platform, anyone can develop software to support Symbian devices.

5 Advantages and Disadvantages
Symbian system has been occupied the position of the top of market share for many years. Good System capabilities and usability Rich resources of software, themes, games. Software installation is simple and convenient The best display plat romance Disadvantages Because of low requirement, with more and more software installed, the response become slower and slower Poor support to mainstream media format

6 System Introduction   BlackBerry OS system is a mobile operating system develop from RIM company from Canada that for their own devices mobile operating system Because of the disasters of 911 in USA, BlackBerry outstanding with the “Push ” function and become famous. Because of new U.S. president Barack Obama's BlackBerry news, the BlackBerry sales increase rapidly, but recently it is also the fastest decrease sales manufacturer.

7 Advantages and Disadvantages
Good Security Excellent Push function Quickly input of QWERT keyboard Large monitor support Easily Sync to Desktop PC Convenient Shortcut key Disadvantages Usually Crash . Quickly input in English but not in Chinese. Because of develop for business, so it is lack of multimedia and internet support.

8 iPhone OS Benefits: powerful functions
complete software library (9.2million) entertaining functions user-friendly user interface Man-machine analysis

9 iPhone OS Disadvantages: soft keyboard problem
not suitable for business Do not contain flash player Short battery life compatibility of iphone is poor

10 Android Benefits: open source platform strong support
Provide: Google map, voice searching, Gmail, buzz and Google earth

11 Android Disadvantages: only has 2 million software
Not suitable for business use multimedia functions not good enough

12 Palm Benefits: clear interface good business function
complete business functions ( , internet browser, contact book) third party software compatibility is good

13 Palm Disadvantages: no GSM version ( before Oct, 2009)
few multimedia software support lack of Chinese speed of the OS is slow

14 Business uses Symbian OS Fully object-oriented and component-based
Communications Data management Graphics Low-level GUI framework Various application engines.

15 Provide a good communication platform
Can develop their own applications Calculate Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, and fax High Condition

16 Recommendation for Symbian OS
Reboot the OS Delete the unnecessary softwares Improve in the plug-in to support the more media format Interchangeable of software version for the developer

17 Thank You

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