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BlackBerry™ Wireless Solution Enterprise Strategy and Development Framework Angelo Fasulo (

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1 BlackBerry™ Wireless Solution Enterprise Strategy and Development Framework Angelo Fasulo

2 The Revolution is used extensively by 2/3 of business travellers - Messaging Online is the Internet’s “Killer App” 74% of Internet users report that “ is Essential” is the most frequently used application for 96% of Internet users Jupiter Communications Attitudes, Behaviour and Demographics of the Online Population 72% mobile laptop users frequently dial in for - 2

3 Managing Mobile Computing Selecting and Deploying Handheld Solutions
Identify which user groups need handheld solutions: VIPs Executives Business Travellers Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Field Service … Office/Campus Nomads IT help desk “Meeting People” Managers, Project Leaders… Characteristics Mobile Users Away from desk >20% time Interpersonal Contact Partners, customers, suppliers sub-ordinates

4 Managing Mobile Computing Selecting and Deploying Handheld Solutions
Evaluate the needs of mobile users: Needs Analysis Identify the specific applications that users will require PIM line of business solutions Select the device characteristics which are most suitable for users’ needs form factor remote access user Interface

5 Managing Mobile Computing Selecting and Deploying Handheld Solutions
Define IT requirements for managing handheld solutions: security centralized administration standardization integration with enterprise systems support asset management Priorities: meet needs of mobile users maximize security and control minimize total cost of ownership

6 What is BlackBerry? The leading wireless solution designed specifically for corporate environments Provides a unique combination of hardware, desktop tools, server software and service Provides a wireless extension of an mailbox and address Allows you to send, receive forward and reply to messages from the palm of your hand Provides a powerful wireless handheld with embedded wireless modem, integrated software applications, easy-to-use keyboard and backlit screen

7 Benefits For Mobile Professionals
Save Time No more dialing-in to check from your hotel room at the end of the day Deal with your when it’s convenient for you Enhance Productivity Stay on top of a growing inbox and communicate effectively when you’re on the go Quickly share information via , phone* or SMS* Improve Responsiveness Immediately respond to important messages Convey information quickly and discreetly Send messages at your convenience *Check with Service Provider for Availability Day-to-day BlackBerry delivers real benefits to end users. When travelling or away from your desk, time is saved by dealing with using travel time or free time between meetings. This productive use of downtime not only makes users more time effective but also boosts their communication productivity. And improved communication productivity ripples through the organization as important and time critical messages move promptly, enhancing an organization’s responsiveness. All this takes place in an unobtrusive and convenient way, allowing end users even more mobility in their daily work.

8 The BlackBerry Wireless Email Solution
Advanced Wireless Handhelds BlackBerry Desktop Software Integration Options BlackBerry Enterprise Server Compelling Return On Investment Strong Development Environment

9 Advanced Wireless Handhelds BlackBerry 5820 Wireless Handheld™
Wear/carry “palm size” form factor Tone, vibrating, LED notification Backlit Keyboard User-selectable 13, 16 or 20 line display Ideal for displaying web content or applications Reverse backlight Rechargeable lithium ion battery Docking and charging cradle 8MB Memory Intel Flash RAM Ample memory for data intensive users and third party applications Built on Java Platform Provides industry standard programming environment Integrated Applications , organizer, SMS, phone, browser Built-in headset jack supports add-on phone application

10 BlackBerry 5820 Phone and SMS Services
With integrated phone functionality, BlackBerry also supports optional GSM services Easily place and receive phone calls SMS Quickly exchange short text messages with other SMS-enabled devices Now you can manage all of your important communications from a single, integrated wireless handheld!

11 BlackBerry 5820 Wireless Internet Services
Optional Internet services are available that allow mobile access to information on the web Retrieve a wide range of information, including up-to-date stock quotes, news, travel, sports, entertainment, weather reports and more. Stay connected and informed with easy web access wherever you go.

12 BlackBerry Desktop Software v3.2
Unified Desktop Software - supports both Java-enabled (BlackBerry 5800 Series) and C++ handhelds (RIM Wireless Handhelds™) Runs on desktop PC Integrated suite of applications that provide: Organizer synchronization synchronization and filtering* Information backup utilities Application loader *Available with enterprise integrations only

13 Email Integration Options
BlackBerry allows you to choose the type of integration that suits you best: Integrate your handheld with a new web-based account Integrate your handheld with an existing ISP account* Integrate your handheld with an existing corporate account Now with BlackBerry, users can choose the level of integration that suits them best. The different integration options are: 1. Integration with new handheld account With this option, there is a new address provided with the handheld, from which users can send and receive messages. This address would be provided to users from their service provider. This new account is a personal and private Internet /web-based address which can be accessed through the BlackBerry Web Client. All messages are stored in this account. (i.e. 2. Integration with existing ISP account With this option, users can integrate their BlackBerry handheld with an existing ISP account. Using this integration option, messages sent and received from the handheld use the ISP address. Copies of messages sent to your ISP account are retrieved by the BlackBerry Web Client and sent to the BlackBerry handheld. Messages sent from the handheld will appear to come from your regular ISP address. (i.e. 3. Integration with existing enterprise account With this option, users can integrate their BlackBerry handheld with their existing enterprise account. All messages sent to your corporate account are forwarded to your handheld and messages sent from the handheld will come from your regular corporate account. This integration works with Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino corporate servers and requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server software to be running within the corporation. (i.e.   *Check with Service Provider for Availability

14 BlackBerry Web Client Enables ISP account integration or provides integration with a new address The BlackBerry Web Client is a console from which users can: Access the web mail account Compose, send, read and reply to using a web-client. Download attachments sent to the BlackBerry handheld. Configure the filters and other BlackBerry settings Define which messages are sent to the BlackBerry handheld based on a variety of parameters such as ‘sent from’, subject, priority level Set auto-signature for sent from the BlackBerry handheld *Available to users with the new handheld account or ISP integration options with the BlackBerry 5820 handheld Check with Service Provider for Availability

15 Enterprise Integration Overview
BlackBerry handheld is seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise account Messages sent and received from the handheld use your regular corporate account (ex. Works with Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino corporate servers Advanced security using Triple-DES encryption Centralized administration and support End-to-end solution: Powerful wireless handhelds Desktop tools Server software Nationwide airtime

16 Enterprise Integration BlackBerry Enterprise Server
Add-on software Integrates with existing Microsoft® Exchange or Lotus® Domino® systems Performs redirection and encryption Allows for wireless calendar synchronization* Provides: Scalable wireless messaging architecture Centralized administration and control End-to-end security Monitoring and tracking tools * Requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server v2.1 or higher

17 Enterprise Integration How Does It Work?
Someone sends an to your address. arrives at your desktop PC. BlackBerry compresses, encrypts, and forwards the message. is forwarded to the handheld via the (Internet and) wireless network. The handheld receives, decrypts, and decompresses the . Respond to using the keyboard on the BlackBerry handheld. 2 3 4 5 1

18 Enterprise Integration BlackBerry Provides Compelling Return on Investment
A study of BlackBerry™ users by one of the top ten research firms in the world, Ipsos-Reid, has found that the value returned by BlackBerry in productivity, immediacy and direct cost savings can be nearly immediate. 94% of BlackBerry users agree that it has improved their ability to stay on top of their 93% agree BlackBerry has allowed them to convert downtime into productive time The typical BlackBerry user reports they recover 53 minutes in downtime each work day Direct cost savings are achieved through decreased RAS, mobile phone and PDA/pager usage

19 BlackBerry 5820 Powerful and Expandable Java Platform
The BlackBerry 5820 is built on a Java platform to provide an industry standard programming environment for application development Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) is a Java subset designed for embedded and handheld devices Benefits of Java and J2ME: Reduced cost of service by separating function from content Robust, fast, and always available functions Local persistent storage of data Security Remote updates of application code

20 BlackBerry Server As a Wireless Gateway
Secure, encrypted pipe for and application data Open, extensible interface, based on open web standards Interface with browser or client application (J2ME) Ability to PUSH data to the device Public Networks JAVA Firewall BlackBerry Enterprise Server with Mobile Data Service Corporate Application Servers BlackBerry Handheld HTTP, 3DES, Push

21 Premier-level Members

22 Enterprise Integration Why BlackBerry?
Completely wireless handhelds Integration with existing ‘Always On, Always Connected’ Easy-to-use Advanced security IT friendly End-to-end solution Compelling Return On Investment

23 Hear what experts have to say…
“The best way to remain continuously connected to your business ” – CNET “Wins, hands down” – Forbes “The winning solution for on-the-go ” – Industry Standard “First Class Rating” – Wired “Would recommend it to anyone who wants a mobile product” – InformationWeek “Best Wireless Communication Device” – PC World

24 Resources and Information
Available in Hong Kong through Hutchison Telecom Development & ISV Programs Use our Development Kit


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