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Introduction to Developing Wireless Applications for BlackBerry Handhelds Alex Willis Practice Manager, Professional Services.

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1 Introduction to Developing Wireless Applications for BlackBerry Handhelds Alex Willis Practice Manager, Professional Services

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3 What is BlackBerry? BlackBerry ™ is the leading wireless enterprise solution that keeps mobile professionals connected to people and information while on the go. It provides users with wireless access to a full suite of business applications, including email, phone, SMS, web and organizer features.

4 What is BlackBerry? BlackBerry incorporates the industry's best software, services and hardware, providing the most comprehensive end-to-end wireless solution for corporate environments. It has become the corporate standard for wireless connectivity by properly addressing the needs of both mobile professionals and IT departments.

5 What is BlackBerry? With BlackBerry Enterprise Server, users also gain the ability to access corporate data beyond email ‡. IT departments benefit from advanced security, centralized management and impressive ROI potential.

6 Benefits For Mobile Professionals Save Time –No more dialing-in to check time sensitive information at the end of the day –Deal with your business when and where it’s convenient for you Enhance Productivity –Stay on top of the information that drives your day and communicate effectively when you’re on the go –Quickly share information via email, phone** or SMS**

7 Benefits For Mobile Professionals Improve Responsiveness –Immediately respond to important messages or events –Convey information quickly and discreetly

8 Benefits For IT Professionals Scalable, Wireless Architecture –BlackBerry Enterprise Server is built on a scalable ‘push’ architecture that provides a high performance platform for wireless email Easy, Low Cost Administration –Tight integration with enterprise email servers provides simplified BlackBerry handheld and server management –Common performance monitoring tools –Administrative tools simplify handheld deployment and asset tracking

9 Benefits For IT Professionals Security –All incoming and outgoing email messages are encrypted using Triple DES –IT departments can define settings for BlackBerry handhelds and desktop software FIPS 140-2 Certification

10 Imagine the Possibilities Applications for BlackBerry –Email –Voice/SMS** –Connected Organizer –Internet Development Environment –Extensible Java™ Platform** –Corporate Data Access Beyond Email

11 Wireless Email BlackBerry gives you the power to manage your email on the go. You can read, compose, forward, reply, file or delete messages from the palm of your hand.

12 Wireless Email Email Integration Options

13 Phone and SMS Phone The included integrated phone supports voice services**, allowing you to easily place and receive phone calls. SMS SMS (Short Messaging Service)** allows you to quickly exchange short text messages with other SMS-enabled devices using the BlackBerry handheld ’ s PC-style keyboard.

14 Connected Organizer BlackBerry provides a personal organizer to maximize your productivity. You can access the calendar, address book and task list that you depend on every day. In addition, wireless calendar synchronization ▲ means you’re always up-to-date.

15 Internet An increasing variety of optional Internet services* are available that allow mobile access to information on the web. You can retrieve a wide range of information including stock quotes, news, travel, sports, weather and entertainment updates.

16 Extensibility BlackBerry is built on a powerful and expandable Java™ platform** providing an industry standard programming environment. This allows for easy application development and deployment by in-house and 3 rd party developers.

17 Corporate Data Access The Mobile Data Service feature ‡ of BlackBerry Enterprise Server enables always-on / push- based access to enterprise applications and information beyond email using the BlackBerry handheld, browser and software development tools.

18 End-to-End Wireless Solution Overview BlackBerry is a totally integrated package that includes hardware, software and service, providing a complete end-to-end solution. Components: –BlackBerry Handhelds –BlackBerry Software –Wireless Data/Voice Services

19 End-to-End Wireless Solution BlackBerry Handhelds BlackBerry provides a choice of powerful wireless handhelds to best suit your needs. Every BlackBerry handheld includes the most advanced wireless technology. They have: –an optimized keyboard –thumb-operated trackwheel –easy-to-read backlit screen –intuitive menu-driven interface and –integrated software applications

20 End-to-End Wireless Solution BlackBerry Software BlackBerry software manages the link between the BlackBerry handheld and your various email accounts. BlackBerry Enterprise Server –Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft ® Exchange and Lotus ® Domino ™ servers to create a wireless extension of your existing corporate email account BlackBerry Web Client –An Internet-based email service that can retrieve email from up to 10 ISP or other email accounts and redirects email wirelessly to your BlackBerry handheld

21 End-to-End Wireless Solution Wireless Service BlackBerry operates over wireless networks including CDMA2000 1X, GSM ™ /GPRS, Nextel ®, Mobitex and DataTAC ®. These networks and the BlackBerry solution were designed to enable "always-on" operation and allow users to maintain a constant connection to the wireless network. The result is a highly integrated service that supports email, phone**, Internet and intranet applications.

22 BlackBerry Enterprise Server v3.5 for Microsoft Exchange End-User Enhancements –Wireless Email Reconciliation –Integrated Attachment Viewing –vCard Support –Wireless printing IT Enhancements –Mobile Data Server - Browser Optimization –Enhanced SNMP Support –Mobile Data Server - LTPA, Kerberos and NTLM Support

23 End User Enhancements Wireless Email Reconciliation –BlackBerry users can now benefit from two-way wireless synchronization of message activity such as read/unread (Exchange-only), deletions, and filing.

24 End User Enhancements Integrated Attachment Viewing –All BlackBerry users will now benefit from being able to view such popular corporate document types as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe PDF, and ASCII text, on all BlackBerry handhelds.

25 End User Enhancements vCard Support –When vCard attachments are sent to a BlackBerry user the BlackBerry Enterprise Server will convert them to the Address Book format the BlackBerry Handheld understands, and vice-versa. Wireless printing –BlackBerry Enterprise Server now supports integration with third party server-based printing solutions to enable the capability to securely print email and email attachments from company-based printers.

26 IT Enhancements Mobile Data Service – Browser Optimization –In conjunction with improvements made to the Handheld Browser on all Java based devices, MDS now provides further improvement of the handheld browsing experience for general web content

27 Enhanced SNMP Support –The updated SNMP Support enables the third-party management of the BlackBerry solution –The BlackBerry solution is now readily monitored under the leading SNMP management infrastructures and umbrella management systems –Enterprises and IT departments can now create their own, custom management tools for monitoring key information, including user and server configuration and status information IT Enhancements

28 Mobile Data Service - LTPA, Kerberos and NTLM Support –IT Manager can control access to servers on a per-device basis via their existing authentication mechanisms –IT departments can leverage their existing authentication strategy and extend it to their wireless applications. –Some example implementations commonly used by IT include: NT License Management (NTLM) – for pre-Microsoft 2000 Kerberos – for post-Microsoft 2000 Lightweight Third Party Authentication (LTPA) Cookies – for Domino

29 Enterprise Integration Overview Works with Microsoft® Exchange corporate email server –BlackBerry™ handheld is seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise email account –Messages sent and received from the handheld use your regular corporate email account (ex. Includes Mobile Data Service for corporate data access ‡ Advanced security using Triple-DES encryption Centralized administration and support End-to-end solution: –Powerful wireless handhelds –Desktop tools –Server software

30 Enterprise Integration How Does It Work? 2 3 4 5 1

31 BlackBerry Enterprise Server Email redirection and encryption occur at the server Includes Mobile Data Service for developers to quickly deploy additional wireless applications beyond email ‡ Integrates seamlessly with existing Microsoft Exchange server Provides: Scaleable wireless architecture Centralized administration and control Administrative, monitoring and tracking tools End-to-end security

32 BlackBerry Enterprise Server Scalable,Wireless Architecture Tight integration with Microsoft Exchange Server –Native implementation of MAPI enables high performance “push” model of message delivery Leverages Exchange information store –All messages are stored in user’s mailbox –All BlackBerry configuration information (encryption key, filter rules, redirection statistics) are stored in the user’s mailbox Enterprise scalability –Up to 4 separate instances ‡ of BlackBerry Enterprise Server can run on a physical server –Centralized administration of servers in multi-server deployments

33 BlackBerry Enterprise Server Centralized Administration and Control All administrative tools integrated with Microsoft Exchange Administrator Simplifies management –Common performance monitoring tools –Remotely deploy desktop software ‡ –Enforce handheld software upgrades ‡ –Define corporate-side settings for handhelds and desktop software –Implement IT policies wirelessly ‡ Enables centralized administration of BlackBerry users and servers from BlackBerry Enterprise Server Management console

34 Management Console Monitor and manage individual BlackBerry users Select and add a new user BlackBerry Server Properties Manage all BlackBerry servers Import large list of “new” users Send an important message to all BlackBerry users BlackBerry Enterprise Server Centralized Administration and Control

35 Policy Files –Control desktop and handheld software security with corporate-wide or group specific ‡ settings –Wirelessly invoke security policies ‡ –Send wireless commands to lock or erase handheld data ‡ –Disable handheld features such as voice, browser or SMS ‡ Handheld Settings Allow PIN to PIN Max Password Age In Days Max Security Timeout Min Password Length Owner Info Owner Name User Can Change Timeout User Can Disable Password Desktop Settings Auto Backup Enabled Filter Rule File Auto Synchronize Email/PIM Enable USB Converter AutoSignature Forward When Rules Don’t Apply BlackBerry Enterprise Server Centralized Administration and Control

36 BlackBerry Enterprise Server Mobile Data Service (MDS) ‡ Enables always-on/push-based access to enterprise applications and information beyond email (CRM, ERP, intranet-based information) Leverages existing BlackBerry Enterpriser Server architecture (security, reliable delivery and wireless network connectivity) Supports XML, HTTP and WML allowing users to access data through either the BlackBerry Browser or Java applications Standard protocols allow developers to quickly deploy additional wireless applications without learning new middleware or operating systems LTPA, Kerberos, and NTLM Support

37 Supports industry-leading Triple DES encryption standard (considered unbreakable) Email messages remain encrypted at all points between handheld and email account Password protected screen saver on the handheld protects handheld data and access to corporate systems BlackBerry’s end-to-end security guarantees: –Authentication of the end points –Confidentiality of message content –Integrity of message content BlackBerry Enterprise Server End-To-End Security

38 Why BlackBerry? Completely wireless handhelds Integration with existing email Supports voice** and data ‘Always On, Always Connected®’ Easy-to-use Advanced security IT friendly Open standards** End-to-end solution Compelling Return On Investment

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