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End of Qing Empire & Century of Humiliation 2014 Qing 1644-1910.

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1 End of Qing Empire & Century of Humiliation 2014 Qing 1644-1910

2 Why did Qing Dynasty end? Many reasons…. They were foreigners- Manchurians not Han Chinese-Discrimination against the Han Chinese! Western Influence- British and others force trade & war on China. Corruption in the dynasty, last empress Dowager Cixi They were foreigners- there were many Rebellions against the Qing Dynasty. Qing 1644-1910

3 British Smuggle in Opium Opium Addiction in China Opium Dens Qing 1644-1910

4 Illegal Smuggling of Opium I

5 Qing Dynasty attacks a British ship carrying Opium Chinese destroy a British Ship! War between China & Britain! Qing 1644-1910 First War was 1839 British begin to use their superior Navy to defeat the Qing Dynasty in War. British also raid Chinese coastal areas including taking “Qing Ships with tax money”- hurting the Qing bankroll! British win the wars; humiliation for China!

6 Treaty of Nanjing 1842 Reimburse Britain for the Cost of the War! Forces China to open Ports of Trade to British & other Europeans! Spheres of Influence! Hong Kong- Britain gains complete control of this part of China as well. Extraterritoriality to British Citizens in China! Humiliation for the Chinese! Signing of the Treaty Qing 1644-1910



9 Rebellions against the Qing Many Chinese believed Emperors had lost control to Western Traders & Foreigner! Three Rebellions will occur, on the last rebellion will end the Qing Dynasty. Qing 1644-1910

10 A Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty! Chinese rebel against their own government- they are seen as weak & corrupt! Empress Dowager did NOT reform her government & even asked the British to help her stop the rebellion! 20-30 Million people die in rebellion from fighting and or famine! Taiping Rebellion- 14 year unsuccessful rebellion! Qing 1644-1910

11 Boxer Rebellion Boxers were starving peasant farmers who wanted foreigners out of China! Drive the “foreign devils” out of China! Terrible fighting, Qing Troops reluctantly help the Boxers- Western Troops crush the rebellion! Western troops even forced their way into the Forbidden Palace….Empress dowager flees the palace…. Qing 1644-1910

12 1911 Revolution Finally the third rebellion, is the one to bring an end to the Qing Dynasty! End to Dynastic Rule in China after Thousands of Years! Chinese Revolutionist wanted to establish a republic/democracy! 1912-1928- Fragile Republic in China. Qing 1644-1910

13 Father of China’s Republic 1912-1928 Dr. Sun Yat-Sen/ Nationalist Party Sun's three principles for a new society were National freedom; Democratic government; and the people's livelihood. Unfortunately it was a weak & new government; warlords begin to fight for power! The new Republic DID NOT Last & a Civil War breaks out in China. Qing 1644-1910

14 Civil War & Japanese Invasion of China

15 Map of Warlords and different regions of China.

16 Civil War breaks between two main groups that want to unite the country !

17 Civil War Kuomintang and Communist Nationalist Party/Kuomintang Chiang Kai-Shek (follower of Sun Yat-Sen) Communist Party Mao Zedong Qing 1644-1910

18 During the Civil War events got worse! Japanese invade China! Over 200,000 people killed during the Japanese invasion in Nanjing, 20,000 women were raped. Japanese attacks many other cities in the country as well The Communist & the Nationalist join forces to try to fight against the Japanese invasion.

19 War Against Japan and World War II (1937-1945)

20 Civilians and military were targets!

21 Japanese leave China!

22 Civil War Continues (1945- 1949) By the end of the war, and due to Japanese invasion- millions of Chinese are killed. Wars bring ruin to economies; inflation in China, prices of goods drastically increased and shortages of goods. Famine and millions dying of starvation.

23 Communist Win the War People’s Republic of China 1949

24 Century of Humiliation Time period from mid- 1800’s & Opium War The New Republic is weak and collapsed! European Imperialism continues. A Civil War begins & continues for several decades. In mist of Civil War, Japan attacks China! Qing 1644-1910

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