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Kitchen Accidents And Prevention

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1 Kitchen Accidents And Prevention

2 Cuts Use sharp knives Cut food on a flat surface
Do not put knives in water Store knives in drawer divider or knife rack Broken glass – sweep up large pieces, use a wet paper towel for small fragments Cut occurs – apply pressure and seek medical attention

3 Burns Use oven mitts or pot holders that are dry
Keep handles facing to the inside of the stove Lift lids away from your face, to avoid steam Stand to the side of oven when opening Burn occur – run under cold water, apply ice and seek medical attention

4 Falls Wipe up spills Avoid slippery throw rugs
Use a step-stool to reach high places Close cabinet doors completely Store heavy pots and pans on low shelves Someone falls – leave alone and seek medical attention

5 Poison Keep cleaning supplies away from food and children
do not transfer cleaning supplies to unmarked containers Do not mix cleaning products together – may cause poisonous fumes Keep medicine up high away from children In case of poison – call 911 or your local poison control center

6 Fires Keep flammable items away from stove
Do not leave food unattended while cooking Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that dangles If a fire occurs inside microwave, disconnect and keep door closed Grease fire – cut off oxygen, use baking soda or salt. Do not use water Paper fire – use water

7 Electric Shock Do not plug in or operate electric items near water
Unplug cords at the plug, do not pull on cord Polarized plugs (3 prong plug) Do not over load plugs Electric shock – DO NOT touch the person directly. Cut current and/or use a non-conductive item to remove the person from the current

8 Choking Use the Heimlich Maneuver
Prevent by eating slower and smaller bites

9 Special Needs for Accident Prevention
Children Never leave young children alone Use safety latches Set up a child size table Aging Adults and People with Disabilities Relabel items in larger letters/magnifying glass Store frequently used equipments in easy-to-reach places Use nonbreakable dishes and glassware Provide tongs or grippers to grab items Provide a stool or chair so the person can sit while working

10 7.2 Questions Name three ways to prevent falls.
Give three suggestions that might improve kitchen safety for an older person with special needs. Name 2 things you should do in case an accident does occur in the kitchen

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