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Make safe choices in the kitchen!

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1 Make safe choices in the kitchen!
Kitchen Safety Make safe choices in the kitchen!

2 Getting Started Tie back long hair when cooking
Wash your hands with hot soapy water before preparing, serving, or eating food Do not wear baggy clothing when cooking

3 Oven Practice Use hot pads to remove pans from oven
Never use two dish towels

4 Putting out Fires Use baking soda, salt, or fire extinguisher to put out a grease fire You can also use a tight fitting lid Never put water on a grease fire

5 Messes Are Not OK Clean up spills immediately
To clean up broken glass, use a wet paper towel

6 Electricity & Water Don’t Mix
Use electrical appliances with dry hands Do not run an electrical cord across a water source When cleaning electrical appliances, be sure they are immersible.

7 Appliance Safety Take broken appliances to the service shop for repair
Unplug appliances by the plug not the cord When not using small appliances, keep them unplugged

8 Range Safety Keep pan handles toward the center of the range
Never place an empty pan on hot burner Always keep the oven closed except for when broiling in an electric oven

9 Flames Keep flammable material away from the range
Be sure pot holders are dry before using them Lift the lid of a pan away from you Never use aerasol cans near heat or flames

10 Is the Range Off??? Check the controls on the range to make sure it is off Do not touch the surface unit on a range

11 Heights Use a stepping stool to reach items on a high shelf

12 Cross Contamination After cutting raw meat, such as chicken, immediately wash cutting board, knife, and work area. Put cooked meat on a clean plate, rather than on the plate or cutting board you used when it was raw.

13 Poisons Keep Poisons out of the reach of children
Be sure poisons are clearly labeled Do not store Poisons in empty food containers Do not store household cleaners in the same cabinet as food Never mix household cleaners

14 Food Handling Thaw meats in the refrigerator, microwave, or in cold running water; never on the counter Keep your refrigerator set at 35 degrees and your freezer set to 0 Never eat foods from a dented can

15 Knife Safety Keep knives sharp Wash knives one at a time
Cut away from yourself when peeling or paring Always use a cutting board

16 Canned Goods Cut the tops of cans all the way off, and remove them. Then throw away Wash the top of all cans before use

17 Metal Magic Never use metal in the microwave
Do not use metal spoons to stir on the stove top Glass does not belong on the stove top

18 Doors Open Cabinet Doors are a Safety Hazard

19 Etiquette Do not touch your body when cooking
Do not eat in the kitchens Do not share food with other kitchens Do not double dip

20 The End Thank you for watching!!!

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