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1 Cover Slide Month Year April

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1 1 Cover Slide Month Year April 2014 @womensworldbnkg

2 Use this slide to feature a chart, photo or video 2 5 Women’s World Banking’s Global Footprint 30+ years being the largest network in microfinance 19 million active clients 75% women Women’s World Banking is also working with partners in Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Cambodia 39 institutions $6.9 billion in outstanding loan portfolio $4.4 billion in deposits

3 Source: World Bank FINDEX database Notes: Map shows % women with account at a formal institution, 2011. Data points show total population 2010 and regional averages for % women who have accounts at formal financial institutions and % of women who accessed a loan from a formal financial institution within the last year, using 2011 data. MENA: Population 0.3B Sub-Saharan Africa: Population 0.9B South Asia: Population 1.6B LATC: Population 0.6B Eastern Europe, Central Asia: Population 0.4B East Asia and Pacific: Population 2.0B 40% 7% 12% 4% 52% 8% 25% 8% 21% 4% 35% 7% % women with an account at formal financial institution OECD avg.=89% % women accessed a formal loan OECD avg.=12% Regional data key: The gap in access to finance for women globally 3

4 Use this slide to feature a chart, photo or video 4 Incubate & Pilot Solutions based on listening to clients ScaleResearch Design and test innovations, while providing appropriate financial education Maximize outreach to women Women’s World Banking’s approach Strengthening Internal Systems Expanding Marketing Capability Staff Training Demonstrate the business case for investing in women Prove Build capacity to support innovation Leadership Share lessons learned and best practices with network and facilitate peer learning Dissemination of Knowledge Expand and improve the collection of gender-based financial and social performance indicators Gender Performance Initiative

5 Use this slide to feature a chart, photo or video 5 Women’s World Banking develops innovative financial products to meet the dynamic needs throughout a woman’s life Expanding Financial Access MarriageStart a business ChildbirthEducation Home ownershipHealth Children’s education and marriage Supported by family  Credit (C)  Insurance (I)  Savings (S) YOUTH LATE ADULTHOODADULTHOOD YOUNG ADULT S C S IS C I

6 Use of Shapes  If filled in color, shapes must NOT: ▫Have an outline ▫Be embossed ▫Have a shadow  If the shape is bounding some text with a white background: use any weight, just make sure to change Shape Outline (by right clicking the Shape, click ‘Format Shape’ and go to Line Style) Cap type to Flat and the Join type to Miter Use of Smart Art  Many SmartArt options use rounded edges for their shapes. You can change this by right clicking on the shape and selecting “Change Shape”. Pick the next closest shape that has flat edges  Powerpoint does not allow you to change the bullet style of Use of Tables  Create a table as you normally would. Use only the Light table styles for any stylization. Use of Charts  Create a graph as you normally would. Make sure there is no shadowing or embossing on the chart (be it Pie, Line, Bar etc).  Also make sure to change the Line Style (by double clicking the line) Cap type to Flat and the Join type to Miter Example of our work -- rural credit in Latin America Findings  Men and women in rural families (and loan officers) underestimate women’s contribution to the household income.  Loan officers might not even analyze a women’s income as part of the loan assessment. Implications  Women are excluded as customers and a significant portion of the family income is disregarded.  There is increased credit risk in relying on the income from one large harvest for repayment and not taking into account the steady cash flow of women’s activities. Solutions  Modify existing credit methodologies to measure the entire family income growth potential.  Allow multiple loans per household.  Train staff to see women as viable and valuable clients.  Raise awareness of women’s contributions.  Create multiple loan products for different needs (livestock, machinery, artisan). Colombia Fundacion delamujer 50% of disbursed loans were to women, 50% of total disbursed loans were to new women clients Paraguay Interfisa Financiera 32% of disbursed loans were to women, 36% of total disbursed loans were to new women clients Peru Caja Arequipa 67% of disbursed loans were to women, 70% of total disbursed loans were to new women clients Project Outcomes: As of February 2014, 44,073 loans have been disbursed to clients, 46% of whom are women. A little less than half of the clients who have received a loan are new clients, i.e., they have never before received a loan from these institutions – and likely had never received a loan, from any formal financial institution. 6

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