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Achieving Our Goals Through Partnerships Women’s World Banking Mary Ellen IskenderianSeptember 7,2010.

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1 Achieving Our Goals Through Partnerships Women’s World Banking Mary Ellen IskenderianSeptember 7,2010

2 Women’s World Banking ® Women’s World Banking: Who We Are WWB New York 40+ staff, experts in microfinance WWB Network member MFIs 40 MFIs 28 countries Women Clients Impact of more than 24 million clients

3 Women’s World Banking ® Women’s World Banking: Global Footprint Benin Burundi Ethiopia The Gambia Ghana Kenya Nigeria Uganda Bangladesh India Mongolia Pakistan The Philippines Sri Lanka Bosnia-Herzegovina Egypt Jordan Morocco Tunisia Russian Federation Asia Africa Central & Latin America New York: Global Office Europe, Middle East & North Africa Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Dominican Republic Mexico Paraguay Peru Registered Stichting in The Netherlands

4 Women’s World Banking ® Women’s World Banking Mission and Impact Mission To expand the economic assets, participation, and power of low-income women and their households by helping them access financial services, knowledge, and markets Network Largest network in microfinance, built over 30 years 40 microfinance providers 28 countries: 8 in Africa, 8 in LAC, 6 in Asia, 6 in EMENA 24+ million active clients, 80% women $5.5 billion in outstanding loan portfolio; $2.6 billion in deposits Average loan size of $1,200

5 Women’s World Banking ® Pre-Eminent Voice for Women in Microfinance: Putting it into Practice

6 Women’s World Banking ® Why Focus on Women ? Seen as a more efficient way to end poverty – Women contribute a higher percentage of their earnings to the household – Women spend more on children’s education and healthcare – Women are responsible for lifecycle risks such as elderly care, healthcare etc. Hence more focused on saving → asset creation Seen as necessary to end poverty – Where gender inequalities constitute barriers to women’s full participation in an economy, GDP growth will be constrained Women poorer than men – In most parts of the world, being poor is synonymous with being female – Even if a developing country is able to increase its formal job sector, women will often not be able to participate fully due to lack of skills and education. They will continue to make up the majority in the informal sector, the segment that microfinance serves

7 Women’s World Banking ® The WWB Framework

8 Women’s World Banking ® Effective partnerships… Incorporate shared goals, are mission-centric and dynamic Broaden the way our organization thinks about solutions Allow each partner to focus on its area of expertise Work best when both sides are exploring new ideas Three effective partnerships for WWB: – The WWB network – Citi – Nike Foundation

9 Women’s World Banking ® Networked partners as unified problem solvers The WWB Network itself is a web of partnerships linking 40 field-based microfinance providers to each other and to the WWB global team in New York – We learn from our network members and share that knowledge within the network and also the broader industry Introducing products Accessing the capital markets Understanding the women’s market Leadership – Peer learning through workshops and exchanges – Have a shared mission; are self-determined organizations bound by mutual accountability – Node, not a hub

10 Women’s World Banking ® Citi, WWB and the evolution of microfinance Microfinance primarily donor- funded Banks entering the market GNBI created Citi creating a microfinance business unit Support for Capital Markets Group Industry commercializing Financial Risk Management Training More MFIs utilizing the capital markets Citi supports research on effects of commercialization Citi and WWB Mutually concerned with ways in which banks could enter the microfinance sector in a responsible way Shared concerns about potential negative effects of commercialization

11 Women’s World Banking ® Partnerships in product development Nike Foundation – WWB has been helping network members evolve from credit-centric institutions to include asset building, particularly savings – The partnership presented an opportunity to expand savings to a new segment, increasing outreach in a new way – Working with two network member MFIs to design, market and deliver savings products and financial education to girls ages 7 to 24

12 Women’s World Banking ®

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