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Australian sharks By Haylee and Brendan.

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1 Australian sharks By Haylee and Brendan

2 Facts There are 166 species of sharks in Australia.
Now we will give you some information on Australian sharks.

3 Content Click on the shark you want to learn about. Gummy shark
Great white shark Tiger shark Hammer head Whale shark Gummy shark

4 Great White Shark The great white shark feed on fish, including other sharks, sea lions, birds, sea turtles and garbage. The great white grows up to 26 feet long. The great white shark habitat is in warm waters and coastal waters.

5 Tiger shark The tiger shark will eat practically anything. The stomach of a captured tiger shark has been found to contain other sharks ,fish, turtles, beef bones, dogs, tin cans, pieces of metal, bags and garbage. The tiger shark average length is ten feet long (3 meter) long.

6 Hammerhead A hammerhead shark has a head like a hammer to help it detect electrical impulses given of by its prey. Hammerhead sharks mainly feed on fish and squid. . Hammerhead sharks like cooler water, so they are often found in deeper waters. The hammerhead grows up to within the range of 3 to 20 feet long or 0.9 to 6 meters long.

7 Whale shark The whale shark is the size of a big bus.
The largest whale shark ever measured was 40 feet (12.2 meters) long; however, the species is thought to grow even bigger. The whale shark is a carnivore. The whale shark is threatened.

8 Gummy shark Gummy sharks are mostly found in the waters around southern and western Australia and new south Wales. Gummy sharks are small sharks that crustacean, marine worms, small squid and small fish. Unlike most sharks, its front teeth are flat to help it crush food

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