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I 1-866-219-6324 I Shopping Invasion The Canadians are coming!

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1 I 1-866-219-6324 I Shopping Invasion The Canadians are coming!

2 Cross Border Shopping – By the Numbers (2011) Canadians love shopping in the United States 60 Million: Total trip by Canadians to the U.S. $14.5 Billion: Total spending by Canadians in the U.S. 25 Million: Canadians who live within 100 miles of the U.S. border Year over year growth in popularity of cross border shopping I 1-866-219-6324 I

3 Top 15 U.S. States Visited by Canadians (2011) 28 Million - Same-day car trips to the U.S. 1.7 Million - One night car trips to the U.S. 48 Million - Total trips to U.S. States bordering Canada 8 Million - Total trips to Florida, California, Nevada & Arizona

4 I 1-866-219-6324 I Top 15 U.S. States - Spending by Canadians (2011) $6.2 Billion - Spending in U.S. States bordering Canada $2.5 Billion - Spending on same-day trips to the U.S. $7.4 Billion - Spending in Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada

5 I 1-866-219-6324 I 3 Types of Cross Border Shoppers: Border Shoppers – Sole or primary purpose of trips is shopping. – Destinations are U.S. border states. – Majority of trips are same-day, but many are overnight stays of 1 or 2 nights. Vacation Shoppers – Primary purpose of trip is vacation or tourism, with a secondary objective of shopping. – Shopping primarily takes place in popular tourist destinations such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, D.C. / Virginia, Nevada, Florida and California. Snowbirds – Canadians who spend their winters in southern states. – Shopping primarily takes place in Florida, California and Arizona.

6 I 1-866-219-6324 I Why do Canadians Shop in the U.S.? Price – Combination of strong Canadian dollar, lower U.S. prices and significant sales and discounts in the U.S. make cross border shopping attractive. – Estimates are that prices are 20% -30% less in the U.S. for identical goods. Selection – U.S. often has brands, products and retailers that are not available in Canada. – Even if the same brands are available in Canada, selection for that brand is often greater in the U.S. Activity / Experience – Many Canadians view cross border shopping as a fun outing or activity.

7 I 1-866-219-6324 I Where are Canadians looking for U.S. Shopping Information? Online vs. Print - Where do Canadians look for information when planning their U.S. shopping trips? – Online Services / Internet – 34% – Personal Experience – 24% – Hotels / Resorts – 16% – Word of Mouth – 16% – Newspapers – 10% – Magazines – 4% vs.

8 I 1-866-219-6324 I Hot Topics & Trends New Duty Free Limits:  June 1, 2012 – Canadian duty free limits increased  Old Limits - $50 for stays over 24 hours and $400 for stays over 48 hours  New Limits - $200 for stays over 24 hours and $800 for stays over 48 hours More Overnight Trips:  June 2012 - Largest number of overnight trips to the U.S. in 40 years  Opportunities - Overnight Shopping Packages and Hotel Discount for Canadians  Hotels, Restaurants & Attractions can get in on the Cross Border Shopping craze.

9 I 1-866-219-6324 I

10 What We Do One Stop Resource: A one stop information resource for Canadian cross border shoppers. Local Information: Provide local shopping, hotel, restaurant, attraction and deal / coupon listings for over 25 popular cross border shopping destinations. General Information: Provide general cross border shopping tips and information such as shopping tips, duty free allowances, duty and tax rates, ID requirements, live border wait times, duty & savings calculators and more. Coming Soon: Mobile Friendly Website, New Destinations and More.

11 I 1-866-219-6324 I Our Partners: MallsAttractions RetailersDMOs / CVBs Hotels Tour Operators RestaurantsDuty Free Shops

12 I 1-866-219-6324 I Contact: Stephen Fine Founder & President Email: Phone: 1-866-219-6324

13 Contacts: Randy Stephen Fine Announcing the New The One-Stop Resource for Outlet Shoppers Outlet Center and Retailer Information, Sales, Events, Travel Tips, News and More… Coming March 2012

14 Contacts: Randy Stephen Fine History: Originally launched in 1996, was a pioneer in providing outlet shopping information to consumers online. still attracts a large audience of domestic and international outlet shoppers, with over 60,000 unique visitors per month. Continues to have high Google rankings for many key outlet shopping search terms.

15 Contacts: Randy Stephen Fine Home Page: Updated Look & Design Mobile Optimization: Accessible from any device, anywhere, any time Social Media & Content Sharing Hotel & Tourism Information Outlet Shopping News & Tips

16 Contacts: Randy Stephen Fine Map & Listings Page: U.S. Outlet Center Information: Largest regularly updated online directory of U.S. outlet centers. Multiple search options: State, distance, retailer, etc…

17 Contacts: Randy Stephen Fine Outlet Center Page: Detailed Outlet Center Information Online Content Management: Outlet centers can log-in to quickly and easily manage their information any time from their online accounts.

18 Contacts: Randy Stephen Fine Retailer Page: Detailed Outlet Retailer Information Store Locations Online Content Management: Outlet retailers can log-in to quickly and easily manage their information any time from their online accounts.

19 Contacts: Randy Stephen Fine Outlet Events Page: Featured Outlet Shopping Events updated regularly throughout the year Outlet Sales & Deals

20 Contacts: Randy Stephen Fine Contacts: Randy Marks Partner Email: Phone: (203) 506-8506 Stephen Fine Partner Email: Phone: (416) 473-1179

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