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Tourism Trends & Ideas on How to Leverage Them Christina Lenkowski 1.

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1 Tourism Trends & Ideas on How to Leverage Them Christina Lenkowski 1

2 Trends & Insights 2


4 TREND: MILLENIALS ON THE MOVE  18-30 year olds  Much more ethnically diverse  More interested in urban than resort destinations  Likely to travel in pursuit of favorite interests or activities  Likely to travel with friends in organized groups  Social sharers of experience  Not interested in print 4


6 OPPORTUNITY: MILLENIALS  Encourage, empower and reward social sharing  Ensure marketing content is mobile-enabled  Craft opportunities that give groups hands-on experiences  Customize itineraries and leverage partnerships to go beyond your borders 6

7 TREND: UNSTOPPABLE SENIORS  1.3-1.6 billion worldwide  Customer service is crucial  World’s wealthiest and most demanding group  Travel primarily for R&R  Favor quieter, less congested destinations  Prefer resort experience Opportunity  Showcase the solitude  Target boomers and seniors for off-peak/shoulder deals 7

8 TREND: PANK’s & INDIE WOMEN  Professional Aunt, No Kids –Spend billions travelling with family (nieces & nephews) and friends  Indie Women –31 million –27yrs+, live alone, no children –Social & career-focused –Strong affinities to brands, love to hunt for bargains 8

9 TREND: MULTI-GENERATIONAL TRAVELER  40% of families went on multi- generational trip last year  Seniors living longer, healthier & more mobile lives  Eager to make up for lost time & long distances  About memories, convenience & value Opportunity:  Embrace milestone events 9

10 TREND: WORKING WEALTHY  Time-crunched  Adventurous travelers  Cash to spend  Cruise lines are already doing Opportunity  Showcase shorter itineraries –24 hours in….  Call out luxurious upgrades 10


12 TREND: RISE OF CONSPICUOUS LEISURE  Signaling of social status through consumption of experience rather than through consumer goods  The more exclusive the better  Unique experiences are social currency  Social media has fostered the trend 12

13 TREND: RISE OF CONSPICUOUS LEISURE Top 5 Goods/Experiences Desired by the Affluent  Owning a smartphone  Owning a vacation home  Having the freedom to work from home  Taking vacations to exotic destinations  Taking extended time off from work 13

14 TREND: ACTIVE ADVENTURERS  Growth in adventure travel 65%/year since 2009  Includes 2 out of 3 criteria –Nature –Culture –Physical activity  54% of travelers are planning an adventure activity on their next trip Opportunity:  Making sure Idaho is known as the place to hit all sort of adventure travel at a value 14

15 TRENDS: WIRED & WIRELESS  Internet access the MOST important hotel amenity for affluent US travelers  Destination Marketing Organizations must have dedicated, mobile site for real- time information  Mobile apps are replacing the concierge 15

16 TREND: WIRED & WIRELESS Service doesn’t mean having someone else help you as much as having something help you 16

17 TO CONSIDER  Not ignoring the way trends are going, embracing them –Realizing that different segments need different marketing materials  Showcasing what Idaho can offer these main segments of the traveling population  Creating a fun, interactive, free way to build an itinerary online; incorporating videos of activities 17

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