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The TerrAfrica/GEF Strategic Investment Programme for Sustainable Land Management in Sub-Saharan Africa (SIP) Presented by Samuel Wedderburn Prepared by.

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1 The TerrAfrica/GEF Strategic Investment Programme for Sustainable Land Management in Sub-Saharan Africa (SIP) Presented by Samuel Wedderburn Prepared by Rudo Makunike Research & Development Officer Sustainable Land and Water Management NEPAD Secretariat

2 Presentation Outline Background/Overview The SIP
Progress and status on SIP Implementation

3 Background/Overview

4 GEF Programmatic approach
More efficient allocation of resources based on a defined framework for programming resources If multi-agency, partnership allows greater opportunities to mobilize co-financing Regional programs could allow more equitable access to GEF resources and predictable resource flows Partnership approach could optimize GEF Agency support to countries More effective coordination of activities and Agencies Multi-focal area program could allow better integration across GEF Focal Areas and ability to address cross-cutting support

5 The TerrAfrica–SIP Vision
COMMON VISION  Land degradation and unsustainable land management in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) = negatively impacting ecosystem functions  Scaling up Sustainable Land Management (SLM) necessary to reverse these trends, while also addressing a major obstacle to economic growth in SSA

The TerrAfrica – SIP Vision Supports MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS (MDG 1 and 7) PARIS DECLARATION on Aid Effectiveness: Directly supporting: alignment and harmonization agenda NEPAD Principles and Development Targets Partnerships African ownership 6% growth target PRSPs UNCCD: Land degradation and combating desertification NEPAD: - CAADP Pillar 1 and elements of Pillars 3 and 4 of CAADP - Program Areas 1 and 6 of the Environment Action Plan

7 Investments Coalition Building Knowledge Management
Background and context … TERRAFRICA A partnership framework, built around a work program based on three mutually reinforcing Activity Lines Investments Coalition Building Knowledge Management

8 TerrAfrica-SIP ….. Financing !!!  AL 1: Coalition Building
 AL 2: Knowledge Management  AL 3: Investments TerrAfrica provides a collective vehicle for addressing bottlenecks, resulting in unlocking and increasing efficiency of financial and non-financial resources, allowing for . . . Country SLM Investment Framework (CSIF) Strategic Investment Program (SIP) Strategic Investment Program (SIP) Financing !!! Strategic Investment Program (SIP)

9 The SIP

10 What the SIP is … An inter-agency GEF co-financed programmatic approach for SLM in SSA, in support of CCD and NEPAD goals, that: provides a comprehensive and special support to SSA countries in their efforts to scale up SLM, in line with the objectives of the TerrAfrica platform prioritises SSA under GEF 4 by allocating $150 million of GEF’s land degradation funding to SSA between , with a 1:4 leveraging ratio is an innovative operational framework that brings together the World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, IFAD, AfDB and FAO in close coordination with NEPAD, RECs and Countries, and is open to all partners beyond GEF agencies for mutual commitment to joint action on enabling environments and investments for SLM in SSA As a broad financing umbrella, the SIP aims to bring greater strategic coherence to investments by strengthening coordination between GEF and other funding mechanisms.

11 What the SIP is … The TerrAfrica principles and the Country SLM Investment Framework (CSIF) lays basis for SIP implementation The SIP adheres to the TerrAfrica approach on ways to scale up SLM and the importance of commitments to improve enabling environments, and to further build on comparative advantages The SIP is one of the financing vehicles for country programming as defined under TerrAfrica The SIP will benefit from the TerrAfrica platform’s support to partnerships, advocacy, advisory services and knowledge sharing (results, success, methodologies…)

12 Sample SIP activities Support on-the-ground activities for SLM scale-up Capacity building for SLM implementers SLM pilots with scale-up strategy Strengthening Farmer/Producer Organizations Provide incentives for SLM adoption Explore options to promote alternative non-NR based livelihoods strategies Create an enabling environment for SLM (at all levels) Integrate SLM objectives/elements in other sectoral policies/strategies Institutional capacity building for SLM Review investment programs and public expenditure framework Rectify incentive framework

13 Sample SIP activities Strengthening commercial and advisory services for SLM Capacity building for service providers Marketing support for SLM outputs (e.g. certification systems, fair-trade/eco-labeling schemes, etc.) Strengthening rural financial services Support Knowledge Generation/Management and M&E Support targeted/ applied SLM research Support knowledge sharing mechanisms Reinforce M&E for SLM Develop dissemination strategies for best-practices

14 Country SLM Investment Govt./Public Expenditure
Sample SIP activities  rallying Investments support to SLM Financing !!! Investment Programmes Country SLM Investment Framework (CSIF) Strategic Investment Program (SIP) Investment Programmes Govt./Public Expenditure Investment Programmes Other Donors … Private Sector … Investment Programmes

15 Progress and status on Implementation
Key issues

16 SIP Implementation … Programme development / Country engagement
41 programmes in 30 countries All but 2 have approved PIFs Aligning with the CSIF (advanced under TerrAfrica support in 7-8 countries) A number expected to be fully financed and operational by end of 2008 TerrAfrica partners providing technical backstopping and leverage funds (≈ US $ 900 million) NEPAD facilitating alignment with CAADP roundtable

17 SIP Implementation … The AU/NEPAD and RECs Capacity building and M&E Programme - institutional support & CB NEPAD and RECs to assist SSA countries in SLM upscaling Programme will provide overall framework on capacity development and M&E for the SIP Programmes NEPAD – Implementation / Coordination UNEP – Support Agency The PPG - Approved Full proposal by August 2008

18 Thank You

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