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Stephen Pickup Cheshire Safer Future Communities Network.

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1 Stephen Pickup Cheshire Safer Future Communities Network

2 Overview Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Candidates Police and Crime Panel Transfer The Future Landscape Commissioning

3 Overview Currently the Police Authority (17 people) has responsibility to hold the Chief Constable to account, set the budget & council tax precept & monitor performance The Police Reform and Social responsibility Act 2011 abolishes the Police Authority The Police Authority will be replaced by one directly elected individual – the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections will take place in every Force area on 15 November Police and Crime Commissioners will take up their role on 22 November

4 A Voice For The Public Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act 2011 “To provide stronger and more transparent accountability of the police, PCCs will be elected by the public to hold chief constables and the force to account; effectively making the police answerable to the communities they serve”. –Home Office

5 Role of the PCC Maintain an efficient and effective police force Hold the Chief Constable to account Set the budget and council tax precept Publish a police and crime plan Scrutinise police performance Publish an annual report Appoint and remove the Chief Constable Monitor complaints

6 Wider Duties Delivery of community safety and crime reduction Partnership working – bring together partners, hold funding, commission services Consult with victims in setting priorities Enhancement of the delivery of criminal justice Victims & witness services Probation Services – proposal for consultation

7 Candidates Declarations by 19 October “Police and Crime Commissioners will need to be outstanding leaders. They will be hugely important figures in the communities they represent. This is a real opportunity for dynamic and driven individuals to step forward to ensure that the public get the PCCs they need”. –Nick Herbert, Minister for Policing

8 Police & Crime Panel To hold the PCC to account (not the Chief Constable) Warrington Borough Council –lead Chief Executive Establish Panel by 2 July 2012 Membership – 10 members drawn from four Borough Councils and 2 co-opted members They do not replace the Police Authority

9 Panel – The Role Two important powers of veto: 1.The appointment of a Chief Constable 2.Setting the precept Review the draft Police and Crime Plan and Annual Report Under a duty to support the P&CC critical friend role Require the P&CC to attend a public hearing Ask HMIC for a professional view on Chief Constable dismissal

10 Chief Constable Operational voice of policing Corporation Sole - employ police staff & officers Still be accountable to the law for the exercise of police powers Retain direction and control over police officers Accountable to the PCC for the delivery of efficient and effective policing, management of resources and spending Politically independent of the PCC Must allow the PCC to have access to all necessary information and staff

11 Governance of Transition Transition Board Partnership Sub Group Transition Project Team

12 Transfer 22 November 2012 All buildings, land, vehicles and other assets will transfer to the PCC Staff will transfer as part of a statutory transfer under an Act of Parliament Stage 2 Transfer – April 2014 Police Officers will remain officers of the Crown, working under the direction and control of the Chief Constable



15 CRIMINAL JUSTICE PCC and criminal justice bodies will be under a duty to co-operate to provide an efficient and effective criminal justice system MoJ consultation on effective probation: –Effective relations between PCC and Probation required –Over time, potential to consider broader statutory role for PCC and them becoming accountable for probation services

16 VICTIMS & WITNESSES AND SAFEGUARDING MoJ ‘Getting it right for victims and witnesses consultation’ sets out that: –PCC will be given a role in deciding the priorities for local victims services –Government intend that, from 2014, PCC will have primary responsibility for deciding what services are available locally for victims and witnesess Act provides a role for PCC in holding the Chief Constable to account regard child safeguarding

17 Commissioning PCCs will have funds to commission services for crime and community safety Options Use all their budgets to fund policing Free market – Community Safety Partnerships, private, voluntary and charities Jointly commission with others.

18 PCC’s Commissioning Pot £100m funding pot for crime and disorder reduction grants expected One consolidated pot by 2014/15 Clarity still required on exactly what funding streams will make up this pot Element of YOT funding transferred in 2012/13 Community Safety and Drug Intervention Programme funding will go to existing recipients in 2012/13

19 What we don’t know What manifesto have they been elected on? What prior knowledge will the PCC have about Policing, Crime & Disorder and Criminal Justice? What are their views / will be their priorities for Policing, Crime & Disorder & Criminal Justice? What will be their approach to commissioning in relation to community safety work?

20 Summary A major change in police governance Directly elected PCCs will be responsible for holding the police to account Police and Crime Panels will form a key element of checks and balances PCC will commission community safety activity Clarity is still required in a number of areas Working to secure a safe and secure transition


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