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Adults and Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel The Safer Doncaster Partnership (including an update on metal theft) 25 th June 2012.

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1 Adults and Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel The Safer Doncaster Partnership (including an update on metal theft) 25 th June 2012

2 Presentation content Provide an overview of the Safer Doncaster Partnership (SDP) Provide a performance update for the 2011- 12 period and priorities for 2012-13 Specific update on metal theft in Doncaster

3 Safer Doncaster Partnership (1) SDP Chair  Doncaster District Commander (South Yorkshire Police)  Director, Adults and Communities (DMBC) Statutory Partnership  South Yorkshire Police  Doncaster Council  St Leger Homes  NHS Doncaster  Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital Trust  South Yorkshire Probation Trust  South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue  The Criminal Justice Board  HM Prison Service, Doncaster  The Crown Prosecution Service  South Yorkshire Police Authority  A range of voluntary and community groups

4 Safer Doncaster Partnership (2) The Partnership is a joint working arrangement where the partners:  Are otherwise independent bodies  Agree common priorities  Plan and implement a jointly agreed programme of activity, often with joint staff or resources  Share relevant information, pool risks and achievements/outcomes The agreed Theme Boards for the Partnership for 2012-13 are:  Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)  Delivering a coordinated response to Domestic & Sexual Abuse  Reducing Re-offending & Serious Acquisitive Crime  Tackling Substance Misuse  Tackling Metal Theft

5 Safer Doncaster Partnership Structure Safer Doncaster Partnership Executive Board Performance Board Anti-Social Behaviour Theme Group (DMBC / SYP) Domestic and Sexual Abuse Theme Group (DMBC / SYP Lead) Serious Acquisitive Crime & Reducing Re- offending Theme Group (SYP / Probation) Substance Misuse Theme Group (NHS / SYP) Communications and Marketing Data Management / Observatory SDP Support Adult Joint Commissioning Board Metal Theft Theme Group (DMBC / SYP)

6 Key Performance Information (1) Overall Home Office (HO) Crime has continued to reduce in 2011/12, a reduction of 3.0% compared with the previous year. Doncaster in 2011/12 had the highest overall crime rate in South Yorkshire at 87.8 crimes per 1000 population. [Sheffield 79.7, Rotherham 66.14, Barnsley 66.0]

7 Key Performance Information (2) Serious acquisitive crime (SAC) has reduced during 2011-12. A total of 4,606 reported incidents occurred in 2011/12 compared to 5,022 in 2010/11 representing a reduction of 8.3% The number of domestic burglary incidents has reduced in 2011-12. A total of 1,940 incidents were recorded in 2011/12 compared to 2,032 in 2010/11, a reduction of 4.5% Theft of and from vehicles reduced in 2011/12. A total of 2,491 offences were recorded in 2011/12 compared to 2,830 in 2010-11, a reduction of 12% Anti-social behaviour reports have fallen significantly in Doncaster. Police recorded incidents totalled 21,558 in 2011-12 compared with 24,798 incidents in 2010/11, a 13.1% reduction

8 Recommended Priorities for 2012-13 1) Reduce anti-social behaviour, with a focus on: Continuing to increase the number of proactive fly-tipping, litter, abandoned vehicles and graffiti reports, particularly around abandoned vehicles Delivering on the ASB issues of most concern to local residents; nuisance motorcycles and ‘teenagers’ hanging around on streets were in the top 5 policing priorities in all five areas Continuing to improve early intervention and diversionary programmes Improving the uptake of the tools and powers at our disposal Those geographic areas that have significantly higher incidents of ASB

9 Recommended Priorities for 2012-13 2) Reduce overall crime, with a focus on: Re-offending and ensuring relevant timely performance measures are developed to monitor the effectiveness of an ‘Integrated Offender Management Model’ Tackling domestic violence and ensuring services are commissioned based on highlighted need Serious acquisitive crime Continue to address metal theft and establish arrangements for a Metal Theft Theme Group Those geographic areas that have significantly higher incidents of Overall HO Crime

10 Recommended Priorities for 2012-13 3) Improve confidence & satisfaction, with a focus on: Communicating good news and ensure feedback to residents on a timely basis Continuing to gather the views of residents on what matters to them the most; Q1 data suggests that burglary is a key issue for residents across Doncaster Ensuring all consultation/community engagement is utilised and co-ordinated by each partner agency

11 Recommended Priorities for 2012-13 4) Tackle substance and alcohol misuse: Continue to develop better processes to monitor alcohol related crime Implement the milestones in the ‘Drug treatment plan in the community and prisons 2012/13’ and continue to improve planned drug treatment exits Ensure the work started on alcohol misuse in each theme group is completed and used to improve services/performance Ensure there is synergy between work by the Shadow Health and Well Being Board and SDP on alcohol misuse and consumption

12 Recommended Priorities for 2012-13 5) Tackle metal theft: Metal theft has been confirmed as a Safer Doncaster Partnership priority Adults and Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel workshop took place on 12 th March 2012 Theme Group developed, chaired jointly by the Council and South Yorkshire Police

13 Metal Theft – Performance 2010-2012

14 Metal Theft Theme Group Partnership strategy agreed Delivery plan being developed Enforcement and use of powers available Proactive targeting of scrap metal dealers Targeted use of multi-agency resources e.g. Neighbourhood Response Team, St Leger Homes of Doncaster and South Yorkshire Police etc. Empty properties Identification of ‘critical assets’ and risks to infrastructure Communications Maximise use of national funding

15 Summary Key achievements Challenges going forward The role of the Adults and Communities Overview and Scrutiny Panel


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