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Insert title/footer text here SAFER FUTURE COMMUNITIES Clinks | 59 Carter Lane | London | EC4V 5AQ 0207 246 2564

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1 Insert title/footer text here SAFER FUTURE COMMUNITIES Clinks | 59 Carter Lane | London | EC4V 5AQ 0207 246 2564

2 Insert title/footer text here Overview Supporting the Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector to engage with and influence the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and the new commissioning landscape in which they will operate. Aim: to secure effective partnership work between the VCSE Sector, PCCs, Community Safety Partnerships, Probation Trusts and other statutory bodies. The project runs until March 2013. Funded by the Home Office

3 Insert title/footer text here Police and Crime Commissioners On November 15 th 2012 the public in England and Wales (excluding London) will vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner to replace the current Police Authority in their area

4 Insert title/footer text here PCC responsibilities Appointing the Chief Constable Producing a 5 year Police and Crime Plan Setting the annual police force budget Setting the policing precept in Council Tax Commissioning community safety activities Statutory duties: –Community safety duty –Criminal justice duty –Duty to engage with victims of crime and the public

5 Insert title/footer text here What the changes mean for the VCSE sector VCSE organisations working to improve community safety are diverse and wide ranging. Existing funding and commissioning structures for VCSE organisations working in community safety will change significantly. VCSE organisations need to: understand the new commissioning landscape, provide evidence to support their “business case” demonstrate how they can help the PCCs to understand the needs of local people and meet community safety priorities.

6 Insert title/footer text here Safer Future Communities Partnership Safer Future Communities is led by Clinks In partnership with the Council for Welsh Voluntary Youth Services, Drugscope, National Association for Voluntary and Community Action, National Council for Voluntary Youth Services, Welsh Council for Voluntary Action Women’s Resource Centre. This strategic partnership also links with a wider group of national VCSE stakeholders, including Victim Support, Neighbourhood Watch, Social Enterprise UK and many others.


8 Insert title/footer text here Survey results (Dec 2011 – 850 responses)  34% had not heard about changes taking place  74% think the changes will be important to their organisation  72% think it will be critically important for PCCs to work with local VCSE sector Of those who were aware of the reforms:  74% recognise the opportunity to influence policy  20% think VCSEs will collaborate to influence PCCs

9 Insert title/footer text here Local Safer Future Communities networks A lead organisation in each PCC area will: –Co-ordinate and manage a diverse network –Gather information and evidence around local priorities and influence strategic plans –Build links between the network and other strategic partners –Identify training and support needs of network partners –Provide evidence of the success and impact of the network and of lessons for policy makers and practitioners –Ensure excluded groups and the vulnerable are heard and represented

10 Insert title/footer text here Project Activities National -Provide support and a strategic overview to the local networks incl. training and support resources -National position statement stating what he VCSE can offer and the principles that guide the way we work Local -Bringing the VCSE together to speak with one voice -Working with police commissioning models -Providing information on community safety needs and how the VCSE can help to meet them -Lobbying and influencing

11 Insert title/footer text here What next? Contact your network:

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