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AdjectivesAdjectives The “crayons” of the Grammar World.

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1 AdjectivesAdjectives The “crayons” of the Grammar World

2 The old boat sat on the purple whale. One man fished from the boat. That whale looks very tame. Adjectives Adjectives are words that describe nouns by telling what kind, how many, or which one. ______ ___ ____

3 Adjectives answer the questions: ■ How many? ■ What kind? ■ Which one?

4 The yellow house is for sale. Find the noun. house Ask the question: What kind of house? yellow house Yellow is the adjective.

5 Two dogs ran outside. Find the noun. dogs Ask the question: How many dogs? two dogs Two is the adjective.

6 That cow fell down. Find the noun. cow Ask the question: Which cow? That cow That is the adjective.

7 Let’s Try Some! ■ The magnificent butterfly flew under the branch. ■ The butterfly with the colorful wings rested. ■ One butterfly flew quietly beneath the tree. ■ The butterfly fluttered its delicate wings.

8 Articles Demonstrative Adjectives Comparative Adjectives Superlative Adjectives There are special types of adjectives:

9 Articles ■ A ■ An ■ The

10 A ■ Use before words beginning with a consonant sound. ■ Use with singular nouns. a cat a key a book

11 An ■ Use before words beginning with a vowel sound and the silent h. ■ Use with singular nouns. an island an onion an honest man

12 Demonstrative Adjectives These adjectives point out specific things. ■ this ■ that ■ these ■ those

13 This, that This boy is my friend. I want this boy on my team. That soccer ball belongs to me. I bought that ball yesterday. ■ use with singular nouns ■ answers the question which one?

14 These, those ■ use with plural nouns ■ answers the question which ones? These people are working. They are working on these problems. Those books are on the table. The boys used those books to help them.

15 Comparative Adjectives ■ used to compare two nouns or pronouns. ■ Add –er to the end of one syllable words. ■ Add more to the beginning of multi- syllable words. ■ NEVER use –er and more together.

16 Let’s try some! ■ Joe is ______ than Bill. ■ Bill works _______ than Joe. ■ This car is ___________to drive than that one. (tall) (hard) (difficult) taller harder more difficult

17 Superlative Adjectives ■ Used to compare three or more nouns or pronouns ■ Add –est to the end of one syllable words. ■ Add most to the beginning of multisyllable words. ■ NEVER use -est and most together.

18 Let’s try some! ■ Mary has the ______ shirt. ■ Mark is the _____ boy. ■ They are the ________ children. ■ Chrissy is the ________ girl I know. (bright) (tall) (honest) (helpful) brightest tallest most honest most helpful


20 ADVERBS ANSWER THE QUESTIONS:  How?  When?  Where?  To what extent?  Why?

21 ADVERBS  Adverbs describe and modify or change other words, just as adjectives do.  HOWEVER, instead of describing things, they describe actions & qualities.  For example: How did the runner run? How deep was the snow? How well did the singer sing?  Adverbs have the answers to all these questions!

22 EXAMPLE  He played guitar skillfully.  He played guitar dreadfully.  He played guitar passionately.

23 FEATURES OF ADVERBS 1. Many adverbs end in –ly 2. Adverbs modify

24 BEWARE!  Rules about adverbs: 1. Use adverbs sparingly because they cause wordiness and awkwardness 2. Beware of words ending in –ly that are not adverbs ● Examples: lovely, lonely, ghastly, and worldly ● These examples do not answer the question HOW? ● These examples are really adjectives! 3. Always go back to the HOW? Rule HOW?

25 (3) PLACEMENT OF ADVERBS  Adverbs modifying verbs can usually be moved around in a sentence w/out changing the meaning.  Before verb Ex: The car immediately stopped.  After verb Ex: The car stopped immediately.  Adverbs that modify adjectives or other adverbs belong right in the front of the words they modify.  Before adjective Ex: That’s an extremely dangerous corner for bicycle riders.  Before adverb Ex: The car turned the corner really quickly.

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