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Ice cream lab Changes in state, Energy transfer. Hand crank ice cream maker.

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1 Ice cream lab Changes in state, Energy transfer

2 Hand crank ice cream maker

3 Big question How does the change in energy within an object affect its state of matter?

4 Need 4-5 volunteers

5 Set-up for Ice Cream Location of supplies Volunteers to run stations Clean-up and throwing away of trash In case of Spills… If you do not like or can not eat ice cream…

6 Equipments and ingredients 2 tablespoons of sugar 1/2 cup of milk a few drops of vanilla or other extract for flavor. zip-lock sandwich bag 1 gallon zip-lock freezer bag Lots of ice cubes, 2 tablespoons of rock(kosher) salt. Towels! Gloves!

7 Steps for making Ice Cream In a small plastic bag, pour ½ cup of milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 3-4 drops of vanilla DO NOT BE GREEDY Seal Bag without air. Place in second bag. Seal and tape outer bag without air. Place ice (2-3 large cups) into gallon bag. Add 2 tablespoons of Kosher or rock salt. Seal up gallon bag. Enclose in 2 nd gallon bag.

8 Making Ice Cream Gently massage the components together for 5-10 minutes. The bag will get VERY COLD. Use a towel, or insulated gloves Ice cream is ready when mixture feels like clay, with grit

9 Eating the Ice Cream Open outer bag carefully, try to save bag. Dump ice-salt water mix into indicated trash can Open inner bags with scissors or by hand. Try not to let salt-water mix get to ice cream With spoon,transfer ice cream to cup Remember administrators and teachers like ice cream too!

10 After making and eating the ice-cream Answer Questions based on Ice Cream Lab

11 Ice Cream lab questions 1.If ice cubes are put into a drink, how come the drink does not freeze? 2.Name 3 specific endothermic changes that occurred during the lab 3.Name 3 specific exothermic changes that occurred in the lab 4.Explain in terms of energy, why the milk mixture turned into ice cream. 5.If you repeated the lab set-up, but left the bags but did not spend time massaging the bags, what result would you expect. Explain why, in terms of energy 6. What was the purpose of the salt? Explain your answer in terms of energy


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