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Clear2There is the proud manufacturer of the Clear2There Digital Video Recorder. Clear2There is located in Oklahoma City, OK.

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1 Clear2There is the proud manufacturer of the Clear2There Digital Video Recorder.
Clear2There is located in Oklahoma City, OK.

2 Clear2There is a digital video recorder, designed to be connected to your network, and can be viewed by any person on the network with a user name and password to the Clear2There system. It is also designed so that you can view the system from any remote location utilizing your internet browser. There is no remote software to load and no licensing to purchase so there is no added expense or hassle no matter where you view your cameras from.

3 Clear2There ® DVRS The Next Generation of Digital Video Surveillance Systems
High-quality CCTV that's easy to use. Resilient, Secure and Stable. Remote Access. Secure User Levels. Flexible Functionality. Clear2There is the next generation in digital video surveillance. * It is user friendly * It is the most secure and stable product on the market * Remote access ( No Remote Software) * Secure user levels (allows you to determine what you will allow people to see on the system) * Clear2There flexibility (set up cameras independently)

One of the primary features of the Clear2There DVR is the specially designed operating system with our own proprietary ULTRESEC© Ultra Secure Architecture. Unlike its counterparts in the Windows world, it uses a specially modified version of Linux. Clear2There is currently the only DVRS on the market that guarantees 100% virus protection. No other system on the market makes this claim. HACK PROOF Clear2There uses a specially modified version of Linux that was written specifically for video surveillance. The biggest complaint with digital systems today is their down time. This is because Windows based products are not designed to run 24/7 long-term. That is why Linux is the preferable operating system because of the stability. Key points: *100% virus proof - if you purchase a windows based product you have to worry about over 6000 known viruses and there are new ones being written everyday. *The Clear2There is actually a Linux kernel and the proprietary software was written specifically for video surveillance. Because of that, the viruses and other problems that Windows based products have to deal with, don’t affect the Clear2There because it doesn’t speak the same language. *Hack proof - you don't have to worry about anyone hacking into the system and messing it up. It uses secure user names and passwords for access. If someone puts in the wrong information 3 times they are locked out of the system. *Right now several federal government agencies are running a backup of all of their files in Linux because of the stability and security of it (or you could also say the instability of the windows systems they are on)

5 Technical Bulletin ISSUE - Antivirus software recommended for installation on Digital Video Recorders (DVR). AFFECTED MODELS - All Windows DVR's. SYMPTOMS - Windows based DVR's attached to a network or to the internet are vulnerable to attack by computer viruses. If a DVR becomes infected with a virus, it could fail to perform its primary function of recording video digitally. SOLUTION - The manufacturer supports installation of Antivirus software on DVR's. Auto-protection (Live file-system protection) is recommended along with auto-updating via the internet or a network virus definition server. When using auto update it may be necessary to reboot the DVR for some of the patches/updates to take effect. We suggest that if Anti-virus software is installed and configured on a DVR system, that a weekly scheduled re-boot is configured as well. We do not recommend having the Antivirus software running any scheduled hard disk scans since doing so will hinder the performance of the DVR unit. The DVR software is CPU and I/O dependant; having Antivirus software scan a drive while recording video can cause possible frame loss. Key Points: All Windows based DVR’s that are connected to the internet are vulnerable to attack by computer viruses. Manufacturers strongly recommend that you install an antivirus software on your DVR. The problem with antivirus software is that new definitions come out almost every day, which means you have to make sure that your DVR stays up to date. There are some definitions that require a reboot in order to take effect so they recommend that you reboot your DVR once a week in order to keep it up to date. Now you get into a maintenance issue of having to reboot your system every week and if you don’t you are really vulnerable. You can’t run the antivirus scan and record your cameras at the same time because the DVR doesn’t have enough resources to do both without losing data. So now you have to figure out when is the best time to not be recording anything because you have to scan your hard drives for viruses. When you are talking about hard drives as big as 250GB you are talking about several hours to scan the disc. With Clear2There you don’t have to worry about any of this. Clear2There is virus proof and does not require any software to keep it that way.

6 Reliability: The Clear2There DVR has ALL of its control software residing on the motherboard of the system. The hard drive of the Clear2There is used just for storage of the recorded data files. No installation files reside on the hard drive. The software is on a flash drive chip embedded on the motherboard. What that means for you is that the hard drives are strictly for video storage. If the hard drive were to ever crash, the system would actually still be running and you could still view live video. Once the hard drive is changed there is no software to load. All you would have to do is reboot. The only software loaded on the flash drive chip is what is necessary for video surveillance so the operating system doesn’t have to use resources executing unnecessary applications. In effect, the reliability goes up because there are simply fewer things running therefore less opportunity for issues to arise. All Windows systems claim to only run one application, however, they in fact are running up to 40 applications in the background. This can create conflicts on the hard drive. Clear2There® runs one application only and is dedicated solely to the purpose of video analysis, storage of the recorded video data and distribution of pertinent video data. No other software applications can be installed on the Clear2There® server.

7 Motion Detection: Clear2There provides 48 detection zones per camera so that the system can be completely customized to the customer’s requirements Description of picture: This is a bank parking lot in Ft Worth, TX. The top row is turned off because that is a cross street. They don't care who is driving down the street, they only want to see if someone is in their parking lot. Most systems on the market have motion detection. They usually have 4-8 zones that may be static zones or drag and drop. The Clear2There has 48 detection zones per camera so that you can customize each individual camera based on your needs. Examples: If you have a camera that has a tree or a flag pole in its view, you can turn that specific area off because you don't want to record just because the wind is blowing. If there is motion detected in the other areas of the picture it will still record.

8 Remote Viewing and Administration:
● NO LICENSES ● NO HIGH SPEED INTERNET REQUIRED ● NO SOFTWARE TO LOAD ● NO VIRUS THREAT ● NO HACKERS *No licenses to purchase *No software to load (99% of all digital systems on the market require software to be loaded to do any remote administration. There are a few systems that you can view live video without software, but to watch any recorded video or any administration functions you have to load software on every computer you want to use. *Does not require high speed internet. If you are on vacation and all you have is 56k dial up, you can still utilize any function on the system Description of picture: Picture on left is if you have multiple cameras and the picture on the right is the single view camera. If you have a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera, the control functions are on this page and can be done remotely.

9 Playback: Highlights each day that has video recorded
Playback: Highlights each day that has video recorded. When you select the date, it takes you to the video for that day. From the single camera view, when you select the playback button it takes you to the calendar for that camera. Days that are highlighted represent video recorded. When you select the day, it will take you directly to the playback for that camera, that day.

10 Once you have chosen the day you want to view, that camera is broken down into hours. On the right hand side it shows how many frames were recorded by hour. If something were to happen in the middle of the night, at a quick glance, this would show you when it was recorded. From this screen you can adjust the speed of playback, the size of the video, you can also directly input a time for the video that you would like to see. It also has an analyze feature. This feature takes the hours and breaks them down into minutes.

11 Motion Detection Analyses: Highlights each minute that has motion detected.
Once in playback mode, you can select analyze and the Clear2There will break down each hour into minutes and highlight each minute that has motion detected and recorded. You can select a highlighted minute and the Clear2There will take you directly to that minute.

12 Secure User Levels: Permissions are set by specific user.
This is where you determine by user what rights you want them to have. Whether they can watch live, playback pre recorded information, configure cameras, control ptz cameras or any of the other administrative functions. This lets you customize what people can and can't see. Example: Secretary in the office leaves by herself after dark. She may have access to the parking lot or the camera outside the front door so that she can check to make sure it is safe to go outside. Parents at a daycare may only need access to certain cameras based on the age of their children.

13 Individual camera settings.
Each camera operates independently of one another. The following are functions you can determine by camera: Motion detection zones, how many frames per second each camera is set to record, how many days you keep that camera recorded for, alerts based on motion by camera, image compression ratio, brightness, color, contrast, hue, name of the camera. The benefit is so that you can customize your system to best fit your needs. You may want to keep the front door for 2 weeks and the back door camera for 3 weeks but the other cameras in the office you may only need to keep for 1 week and they may all be at different frame rates.

14 Legal Ramifications: Clear2There uses its own format for recording video and this format is for viewing only. There is no way to manipulate the recordings on the Clear2There system. Clear2There® uses its own format for recording video and this format is for viewing only. There is no way to manipulate the recordings on the Clear2There® system. In fact, for transport and playback, you must use the special Clear2There® player software which is an executable file (.exe) that is free of charge so there is still no software to load. Windows based DVR systems record video in one of several Microsoft standard formats, including MPG, MPEG4 and AVI formats. The problem with this is that these formats are based on standards common to the entertainment industry. These file formats are based on publicly published standards which allows them to easily be manipulated with other software programs. The common person can download free software that will enable them to edit or modify these video files. It is easy to understand that the security of the file format itself is key to its admissibility in a court of law because of the potential manipulation factors. Our software meets or exceeds all court standards for digital video recording.

15 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year!
Server: up to 16 cameras Clear2There is a server and uses server-based parts. Enhanced dependability and reliability include a one-year warranty on all parts. The server is a node off of the network and functions within any TCP/IP network. 24 hours a day - 7 days a week days a year! Clear2There is a server that is designed to run 24/7/365. Most digital systems on the market today are nothing but a computer off the shelf with video surveillance software loaded on the hard drive. Computers off the shelf are not designed to run 24/7. After a week or so, they start running slow or even lock up and have to be rebooted. You just can not run that risk with a video surveillance system. You need it to function long term without fear of locking up, or maintenance of having to reboot it every week. With Clear2There this is not an issue.

16 Clear2There Map If you have multiple locations you can go directly to the location you want by utilizing third party mapping software. If a business has multiple buildings or multiple locations, you can be there with 1 single click. By utilizing 3rd party mapping software, you can set up a home page and by simply clicking on an icon of the building or the location you want, automatically go there and look at your video surveillance system. This is a great tool for security directors, owners and regional managers because they can keep a pulse on their businesses with ease.

17 TCU This is mapping software that is being used at Texas Christian University. Their security officers have wireless internet in their cars so they can look at any camera from anywhere on campus. Imagine this: Someone calls campus police because there is a disturbance at the athletic complex. As soon as the officer gets the call, he clicks on the athletic complex and it pulls up the available servers in that area.

18 TCU Once the officer knows the area of the disturbance, he can pull up a list of the servers in that area and also a list of the cameras. The officer can see what is going on before he even gets there.

19 5 frames per second 15 frames per second 30 frames per second
Model 1100 2100 3100 4100 Operating System: Embedded Linux / ULTRESEC© Architecture Remote Viewing and Remote Management: YES / No software needed, everything is done through web browser Video Standard: NTSC & PAL Video Inputs: BNC / 4, 8, 12 or 16 User or User Groups Allowed: 256 Remote Pan Tilt & Zoom Support: YES Resolution: 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 Recording Speed: (per camera) frames per second frames per second frames per second Raid Control NO Compression: M-jpg / Up to 15 adjustable settings per camera (settings for pre image and post image compression) Export Single Images or Video Clips: Time Stamp and Text Overlay: Event Browsing: Compensation for camera Noise: Motion Detection: Smart Detect Specific Areas for Motion: YES / 48 per camera Camera Adjustments: YES (Brightness, Color, Contrast, Hue, FPS, Motion Detection, Storage Days, Alerts) Networking: 10/100/1000: TCP / IP Power Interruption Recovery: There are 4 different models. The only difference is the recording speed. All other features and functions are the same. The 3000 and the 4000 series utilize a Raid control and have 2 hard drives for double the storage. The drives can be set up striped for double storage or mirrored configuration.

20 Clear2There Advantages
Linux-based Proprietary Operating System Ultra Resilient Secure Architecture on embedded Linux chip residing on the motherboard. 100% Virus and Hack Proof Security Secured User Levels (Admin controls each user interaction). No Remote Software Required. Full remote operation (Browser based server application) 4, 8, 12 or 16 video inputs. Up to 30 full frames per second per camera Record either w/motion detection or 24/7 operation Smart Detect specific areas of video windows for motion. 48 selectable detection zones. Easy searching of recorded video. Export single images or video clips Each camera capable of independent recording and storage capacity. Pan, Tilt, and Zoom support Variable Image compression. Individual Camera Control for brightness, contrast, color, and hue. Multiple video window configurations. Two Independent Frame Rate controls per camera. Simultaneously playback, live view, record and configure multiple cameras. Internal storage-Raid disk system, up to 64 TB can be added. Simultaneous connection to multiple Clear2There ® units. Automatic File Management Alert Notification (event or maintenance issues-can be sent via cell phone w/ or audible alarm) Triggered Event browsing/recording TCP/IP connectivity NTSC & PAL compatible Time Stamp/Text Embedded into pixels of image (integrity of image never a question in event of prosecution) MAC/Windows/DOS/MS-DOS/UNIX/LINUX - Compatible (ALL Operating Systems) Full Web-Server designed to only record/stream video and put on the web with NO FIREWALL required. Linux based operating system for security and stability. No Remote Software View any camera on any computer, any time Eliminate or reduce travel expense (admin) 48 selectable motion detection zones per camera Independent camera settings Easy searching of video files - Export single image or video clips Simultaneously playback, live view, record and configure cameras Pan, Tilt and Zoom support Secure user levels

21 Cameras There are several options on cameras depending on location and circumstances. Existing cameras and infrastructure are reusable.

22 Lens Comparison GREEN – 4MM BLUE – 8MM RED – 12MM
This gives you a visual of what the camera would see based on the lens size. Remember the lower the mm lens size the wider the angle. The best thing to suggest is a varifocal lens - which means that the lens is actually adjustable at the camera. This way when you are installing it, they can pick the best angle by camera.

23 Clear2There is the proud manufacturer of the Clear2There Digital Video Recorder.
Clear2There is located in Oklahoma City, OK.

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