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Cesar Ruiz CPET 575 Prof LIN Apple Inc Case Study Maintaining Years of Innovation.

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1 Cesar Ruiz CPET 575 Prof LIN Apple Inc Case Study Maintaining Years of Innovation

2 Outline Contrast History about Apple Inc Apple Competitors SWOT Analysis Questions

3 Contrast Apple Inc (formerly Apple Computer, Inc) is an USA, worldwide corporation that specialize in designing personal and business computers, it focus in the markets of computers, computer software, and consumer electronics. Some of the best known hardware products from Apple are the iMAC and Power Macintosh line of computers, the iPad, the iPod, and the iPhone.

4 History In 1970, Jobs became friends with Wozniak and Steve Jobs shared his idea to Wozniak of selling assemble computers Sold everything they had to raise money for their first prototypes in Jobs's bedroom In April 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple computers Inc. First invention was the Apple I designed as a motherboard with CPU, RAM, and basic textual-video chips April 1977 introduced Apple II, it came with character cell based color graphics and an open architecture and for the first time they introduce the 5 1/4 inch floppy disk drive and interface

5 History 1984 Apple introduced Major milestone for Apple's success. Mids 80s Jobs leave the company Mids 90’s Jobs came back to Apple began restructuring the company's product line On May 19, 2001, first official Apple Retail Stores in Virginia and California. October 23, 2001, Apple announced the introduction of their iPod portable digital audio player, and started selling it on November 10, 2001. 2006 Jobs announced that Apple would begin producing Intel-based Mac computers. January 2007, Apple Computers, Inc became Apple Inc to fit better their consumer electronics market

6 Apple Competitors The major competitors of Apple are IBM, Dell, and Hewlett- Packard Competes with Microsoft in software industry. IMB and Apple combined forces before until Lenovo purchased IBM and now it became a competitor for Apple Dell has become very successful in the computer industry because is being able to produce computers at very low cost, Dell also competes with Apple with its line of music Jukebox. Up until recent Hewlett Packard is a big brand name and leading provider of technology and personal computers.

7 SWOT Analysis

8 Questions Questions?

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