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2 Why do we give people compliments?
Because we want them to give us money? Because we want to show we appreciate or admire them? Giving compliments is a good way to break the ice, by making the recipient feel positive and more likely to open up to you. As a conversation starter it is a good topic to get the recipient to do most of the talking.

3 SINCERITY: Never give a fake compliment!
You’re new hat is the best in the whole wide world. You’re new hat really brings out your beauty. Is this a sincere compliment? What is a more sincere compliment?

4 Is this a genuine compliment?
BE SPECIFIC: don’t make a generalization! This bread is very delicious! You’re very good at cooking. Is this a genuine compliment? Give a more specific compliment by complimenting on a particular dish instead.

5 Is this a genuine compliment?
BE TIMELY: give a compliment straight away! Dear Victoria, I had such a lovely time at your tea party, I would like to invite you to mine next week. Edward. You’re tea party last week was very good. Give a spontaneous compliment not after a long time, or give an invite to your next tea party with a compliment for her last tea party. Is this a genuine compliment?

You have such a lovely singing voice. Lovely? My singing voice is fantastic! Thank you, I practice everyday. Your singing voice is good too. Thank you. No, my singing voice is terrible! That’s very kind of you, I’m glad you think that. Is this a good way to receive a compliment? Never upscale someone’s compliment. Is this a good way to receive a compliment? Never respond to a compliment with a compliment just thank the other person. Is this a good way to receive a compliment? Never disagree with the person who is complimenting you, but, you can be modest.

7 ACTIVITY: be specific This compliment is too general and not specific enough. You look good! Hairstyle *is that a new hairstyle? *have you done something different with your hair? *what have you done with your hair, it looks great!

8 ACTIVITY: don’t be “fake”
What does “to be fake” mean? When people know you are pretending to be nice in order to get something from another person. You’re the best person in the whole wide world! Out of all the cakes I have tasted, yours is the most delicious, I would love to borrow your recipe so I can bake as good as you. She wants her recipe for baking cakes. She is good at baking cakes. Hmm. I think she wants something from me, she’s so fake. I want to give her a compliment so I can get her recipe, I genuinely want to compliment her without being fake. How should I compliment her? Thank you, my mother taught me and I would be happy to give you a copy of the recipe.

9 ACTIVITY: compliment each other
Two people will be chosen, one will give a compliment, and the other will receive the compliment. “A” must be sincere, specific and not to be fake when complimenting. “B” must receive the compliment without upscaling, and to be modest.

10 A B ACTIVITY: compliment each other
Wants to go shopping with her so she can find bargains as well. Wants her to introduce her to some of her songs. Wants to be able to kick like her. Wants her to be her study partner. Wants her to introduce her to his friends. Has fantastic taste in music. Is good at finding bargains when shopping. Has a boyfriend who has interesting friends. Is very good at English. Is good at soccer. Your english is amazing, I wish I knew how to study like you. You have fantastic clothes, and you are superb at finding a bargain. I would love to take you shopping. You’re one of the best soccer players I’ve ever seen, I would love to know how you kick so good. You have an incredible taste in music, I wish I knew the songs you have. It’s so hard to meet nice guys like your boyfriend, I wish I could find a guy like him.

11 ACTIVITY: use a compliment as an ice breaker.
Now that you know how to compliment someone, break the ice with your partner by complimenting them. Things you can compliment someone on: Sense of humour, good at a sport, style, appearance, kindness, and etc When you compliment someone, be specific, be genuine and don’t be fake. When receiving a compliment, don’t upscale, shrug off, nor, return with a compliment. And be modest! Now go and compliment your partner!


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