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Shape of my heart by Pearl Aman

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1 Shape of my heart by Pearl Aman
Renee Felker

2 My Poem: Shape of my heart by Pearl Aman What was I thinking; it doesn't make any sense, How could I possibly go around looking for happiness? While it was there with me all this while, Hidden in your loving words and beautiful smile You try so hard to lift my mood and make me jolly, Act so patient with me, accept my each folly My pain has hurt you more than it has hurt me, With me, your days were gloomy too, no longer sunny Your mood and happiness turn on and off with mine, My emotions on every day decide, if your day will be sad or will it shine Strange how both of us are connected like this in spite of miles separating us two

3 Cont. Your pain hurts me; same way as mine hurts you So how can I ever be sad when I have you? When your love is the purest, your friendship so true You'll always love me- this one fact will never change, I know, I'll always find you standing by me in every situation, no matter how very strange My dear, I promise, I'll never take your love for granted, As I won't be able to survive, if we ever get parted Your love is my asset which I'll treasure for life, Even when I was your friend, am your girlfriend, and will be your wife...


5 Type: Lyric

6 Literal Meaning This woman is depressed and she is bringing her partner down, and shes sorry for doing it because she loves him.

7 Metaphoric Meaning: When your in a relationship and you actually care about the other person, you feel everything they do. And if the other person cares for you they will be there to bring you up.

8 Loving someone can hurt.
Theme Loving someone can hurt.

9 Literary Devices: Rhyme, Jolly and Folly Alliteration, the s letter

10 I chose this poem because I can relate to it
I chose this poem because I can relate to it. And its very true, and not just as a couple but with friends also. If you love anyone enough when they hurt you will to.

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