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Dutch – Hungarian Student Exchange

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1 Dutch – Hungarian Student Exchange

2 Leonie&Marti My pair is Leonie. She is the best pair in the world, I can imagine. I like her friends and her whole family is so nice and friendly! I´m gonna miss them…I really enjoyed this week, thanks for everything…and I hope that we´ll meet in the summer!

3 Thank you very much for this week.
Floor She is my partner. She is very nice and cute. She has two brothers. Her family is big and sweet and they like singing. I liked family day, because I have never played bowling before, but I won. I like poffertjes very much, because first day we went in a poffertjes restaurant with her family. Thank you very much for this week.

4 Thanks for everything! 
Annemarie She’s my partner, a very sweet girl and I liked staying at her. She has a brother, who always smiles; a mother who cooks very well; a father who I didn’t see a lot but he’s nice; and a sister and I love her very much!  Annemarie took good care of me. She payed attention to me; when I wanted to go home, we went home. The family day was very good, we went to a swimming pool, then we went to eat pancake, a typical Dutch food. Thanks for everything! 

5 Marie and Me She is the best partner I´ve ever had. She is always helpful and very nice with the people. I spent a very nice week in Holland but unfortunately it´s over I learnt some Dutch words again. Her mother is also very cute and she helped me a lot and everybody in the family. So I enjoyed it very very much:D Thank you for everything

6 Jan-Jaap My pair is Jan-Jaap who was very nice and his family too. He has 3 younger brothers. Peter was really cute when he wanted to learn Hungarian . His mother is very good at cooking, she made me a very good dinner every day. I had a very good week here. I liked the interesting programmes. Thank you for this week .

7 Jolijn and Vivien My partner and her family were nice all week. I spent a very nice week in Holland at Jolijn. I liked it very much, every moment of it Well this is my first time in the student exchange but I think I will go to the other one because I like it:D Thank you for everything Jolijn and I suppuse that you also liked it.

8 Dylan He´s my partner. He´s so nice but a little bit crazy!! I like him. His family is friendly and funny!! Very funny!! It was an exciting week. I enjoyed it. His mother´s meals were delicious! His brother is cute!! I like Holland but sometimes it´s cold for me! I liked the family day. It was so funny! Thank you for this week!

9 Lillian She is my exchange partner. She is so nice and very friendly. She likes animals. She has got a horse and two dogs and lots of birds. I like them. Her parents are very lovely. Her brother likes poker. Her sisters are very funny. I felt good.

10 Simon and Me He is my partner. He is a little bit crazy.
His family is friendly. We spoke a lot and his mother cooks delicious foods. I enjoyed Holland very much. Every morning started so funny. We spent a lot of time togetherThis week was good.Thank you for this week.

11 Frank I had a very nice week with Frank and with his family because they were very kind with me. I can say that he is a real gangsta !!!

12 Me and my partner Susan I liked this week in Holland because Susan and her family were very kindhearted with me . She was very considerate and she always organized that someone brings us to our home. Thank you for everything.

13 Dominique and Me I had a really great week in Holland. Thanks to Dominique, and her nice family.The family day was very funny, mainly bowling The best was that they were very attentive. Every evening they gave me tea with milk . So they were so mindful  I enjoyed this week very much. Thank You.

14 Maud and Krisztina I had a very nice week in Holland with all of the Hungarian and Dutch students. My partner and her family was very nice with me. They always asked about my day and gave me everything. Thanks for them.

15 xxx Martijn xxx He is my pair.
He and his family are friendly, funny and nice. His nickname is Mr. Blue- eyes, because he has very nice eyes. Sometimes the bike-trips were cold and rainy. I enjoyed this week with him and his family. He is a good pair. Thank you.

16 DJoost He is my partner. We were together for a week, I really enjoyed that. In his family there are nice people. He likes mixing music so every morning when I was washing my teeth, I listened his music, fortunately I like the music he plays. We had to go to school by bike. I didn`t like cycling, but now I like that. Thanks for everything!!! 

17 Renske She is Renske, she was my partner. I like her very much, she is sweet. She always made my food, she didn’t want me to be hungry. I tasted a lot of new things here, it was interesting. I learned a lot. Her family was really good with me, I enjoyed the time I spent here. Thank you for everything, I hope we will meet in summer at the Lake Balaton!

18 Carolien and Sandra Here I am with my partner. She is very nice and I really like her I hope she also agrees. In Holland it was very good with her and her family. Her family is very nice and I could not imagine a better family than them. Her brothers were also very kind with me! Thank you

19 Anne and her family and me
She is my partner. Her family is friendly. They are nice people. They have got a big nice house. She has got a rabbit. Her father cooked very well. I enjoyed this week in Holland. Thank you for this week.

20 I loved this week with Peter and with his family, because they are very nice people and of course because we Africans understand each other 

21 Robin and Dani This is me and Robin. Robin´s family is very nice and friendly. I have enjoyed this week very much. I liked the food that they cooked.

22 Oukje and Timi She is my partner and she is very nice!  She was very helpful with me and her family too. Her mum cooks very well and she is nice too, I liked it very much. Her father is a funny person. :P We had a lot of fun. I’m really sorry that her brother was with us just one day and I’m also really sorry that I couldn’t see her sister.  Thank you very much for this week! I really enjoyed this time in the Netherlands.  I hope you too!  And I hope you have had no problem with me! :D I will miss you so much and I hope we will meet again. 

23 Laura and Timi This is me and my partner Laura. She is a very nice girl and she has a nice personality. She was very helpful and friendly with me and her family, too. I am sorry that we had just one family day  I ate a lot of delicious food that her mum cooked for us. I was really happy because I felt that they wanted to make me a very nice week in Holland. So Thank you very much for this week, I really enjoyed it. I hope you have not had a lot of problems with me.  I will miss you so much and I hope we will meet once again.

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