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© Radiant Innovation 2015. Who Am I ? UK – based management consultancy – 1 person at present, but with growth plans Focused on change and innovation.

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1 © Radiant Innovation 2015

2 Who Am I ? UK – based management consultancy – 1 person at present, but with growth plans Focused on change and innovation best practices Balancing both “process” and “people” – driven approaches Broad Coverage, but with specialisms in :- Change Management, Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, Troubleshooting, Organisation Design, Governance / Workflow Control, Culture and Behaviour © Radiant Innovation Limited 2014

3 What Makes Me Different … ? Process, Methods, Techniques, Data,Logic Culture, Behaviour, Engagement Ways of Working Some consultants are very good with understanding your data, your overall business processes and methods, and your business environment, and suggesting improvements … Some consultants are very good with understanding your people, your business partnerships, customers and suppliers, how you manage the work, and how you behave together … MY MAIN MARKET IS PEOPLE WHO KNOW THAT THEY NEED BOTH: - Who recognise that changing processes without ensuring that people are onboard, and kept properly motivated, consulted and informed will not work well. But nor will empty “culture” change.

4 Scope © Radiant Innovation Limited 2014 Although my main experience is in commercial, retail, financial and operational/ logistics contexts, the specific methods and approaches on offer here are fairly flexible, and in principle almost any organisation or enterprise, large or small, can gain significant benefits; you don’t have to be a commercial business for my work to be able to help you … If I don’t think I am a perfect fit for your needs, I will happily let you know if I think other more specialised consultants might be able to offer you something more appropriate for your particular context, OR, I am often happy to work flexibly with other specialists, as part of a small team.

5 What Can We Do For You ? -Help you to pin down / prioritise your specific key issues … -Help you to define long and medium term objectives and strategies -Help you to target better, more effective short term tactics -Help you with ‘troubleshooting’ in specific areas that might be compromising your performance -Help you to set up, manage, and deliver right-sized projects to address those issues quickly and cost-effectively – systems, business, and/or “people”/upskilling projects … -Help you to quickly generate and assess ideas to solve specific, important problems -Help you to reshape your organisation, if necessary, and/or its business processes, its relationships with partner organisations, day to day behaviours etc. © Radiant Innovation Limited 2014

6 Why Use Radiant ? © Radiant Innovation Limited 2014 Balance of analytical and creative approaches Broad experience – willingness to share/coach/mentor Positive, inspiring vision Project management and facilitation skills Methodical but flexible / non bureaucratic Strong track record of delivery

7 What is Needed from the Client Side ? Access to your people, their ideas, their commitment Good information and some willingness to share insights Open minded approaches – primarily an understanding that if you don’t make some changes to processes, methods, systems, organisation structures or behaviours, then it could be very difficult to break away from established patterns of results … A degree of consistency on “what’s important – what do we want to achieve, by when, and what are we planning to do?” © Radiant Innovation Limited 2014

8 How might an engagement look ? Each engagement / project structure needs to be appropriately tailored to you, your particular organisation, and its particular needs, however there are some common themes to this. It does need to be defined as well as it can be at the start, even though it is often possible to successfully adapt programme structures in the light of experience a few weeks or months in … Key Phases : Startup, Investigation, Prioritisation, Problem-solving/Design, Delivery, Review Startup=establishing overall goals, critical success factors, risks, resources, methods Investigation= reviewing options for addressing the key goals Prioritisation= agreeing what to actually do, for next x months Problem-solving/Design = investigating the detail on specific issues, usually with your people involved in that, and agreeing specific detailed proposals Delivery = implementing changes within your business, and tracking results Review = assessing outcomes and sharing learnings

9 Initialisation & Deep Overview Initialisation & Deep Overview Investors/ Finance Investors/ Finance Product Promotion, Price and Distribution Promotion, Price and Distribution Operational Production Operational Production Partnerships Development and Innovation Practice Development and Innovation Practice Tools, Systems, Utiliities, Vehicles Communications, Project Management Workflow Control Culture and Behaviour Administration Governance, Management, Strategy Top Level Diagnostics One or more suites of questions/prompts can be used to help kick things off …

10 How to Make Contact and Get Started © Radiant Innovation Limited 2014 Email : Or Phone : 07947 101632

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