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Chapter Nine Lodging.

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1 Chapter Nine Lodging

2 Classification of Lodging Properties
Price Function Location Particular market segment Distinctiveness of style, offerings, or amenities *It is important to remember that many types of hotels can fall into more than one category

3 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified By Price
Budget Hotels: Room rates are the lowest for this type of lodging property. This type of hotel typically offer guestrooms only. There is little or no public space, no meeting or function space, and very limited food and beverage facilities, if any. Midscale Hotels: Room rates tend to be equal to or slightly above market area average. These hotels offer a wider range of facilities and amenities. There will be limited public space and meeting/function space with at least one food and beverage facility.

4 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified By Price
Luxury Hotels At the top of the price category are luxury hotels These properties offer a full array of services and amenities, such as: concierge service several food and beverage operations banquet facilities full room service recreational facilities

5 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified by Function
Convention Hotels Large hotels often with 500 or more guest rooms They offer extensive meeting and function space Food and beverage operations tend to be extensive: several restaurants and lounges, banquet facilities, and room service Convention hotels are often in close proximity to convention centers and other convention hotels, providing facilities for citywide conventions and trade shows.

6 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified by Function
Commercial Hotels These hotels cater to the business traveler In comparison to convention hotels, there is less public space and smaller meeting and function space, fewer food and beverage outlets, and limited recreational amenities. Many of these hotels tend to be located downtown or near airports to accommodate their target market segment

7 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified by Location
Location can also be used as a criteria for categorizing lodging properties Examples of hotels categorized as such include: Downtown Suburban Highway/Interstate Airport I-Drive/Attractions/Downtown/Airport/UCF (Orlando examples)

8 Types of Lodging Properties Hotels Classified by Market Segment
Corporate Leisure Association Convention/Conference Conference Centers Resorts Gaming/Casino Hotels Health spa Vacation ownership/Timeshare

9 Types of Lodging Properties Other Hotel Classifications
All-Suite Hotels Extended Stay Hotels Historic Conversions Bed-and-Breakfast Inns Boutique Hotels

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