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The Tragic Hero.

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1 The Tragic Hero

2 Tragic Hero Background
A tragic hero is often used in Shakespearean literature. This model of a hero may not always be a “good guy”. The tragic hero has made its way into more contemporary literature because audiences can relate to them. A tragic hero follows a twelve step pattern. 

3 What Defines Shakespearean Tragedy?
A Tragic Hero  The Tragic Flaw-Hamartia Reversal of Fortune Catharsis Restoration of Social Order –Denouement

4 Tragic Hero Traits The tragic hero is someone we, as an audience, look up to—someone superior. The tragic hero is nearly perfect, and we identify with him/her The hero has one flaw or weakness We call this the ‘tragic flaw’, ‘fatal flaw’, or hamartia

5 Reversal of Fortune  The ‘fatal flaw’ brings the hero down from his/her elevated state. Renaissance audiences were familiar with the ‘wheel of fortune’ or ‘fickle fate’. What goes up, must come down.

6 Catharsis We get the word ‘catharsis’ from Aristotle’s katharsis.
‘Catharsis’ is the audience’s purging of emotions through pity and fear. The spectator is purged as a result of watching the hero fall. This is why we cry during movies!

7 Restoration of Social Order
Tragedies include a private and a public element The play cannot end until society is, once again, at peace. This is why the Tragic Hero often dies!

8 Tragic Hero Pattern Step 1 – A protagonist of high estate
 Step 2 – A tragic flaw in character  Step 3 – Intrusion of time, sense or urgency  Step 4 – Misreading/Rationalizations Step 5 – Murder, exile, alienation of enemies and allies Step 6 – Gradual isolation of Tragic Hero

9 Tragic Hero Pattern Step 7 – Mobilization of opposition
Step 8 – Recognition of tragic flaw, too late Step 9 – Last courageous attempt to restore greatness.  Step 10 – Audience recognizes potential for greatness.  Step 11 – Death of tragic hero. Step 12 – Restoration of order.    

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