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Protagonist in a Greek Tragedy

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1 Protagonist in a Greek Tragedy
Tragic Hero Protagonist in a Greek Tragedy

2 5 Traits of the Tragic Hero
High Position Tragic flaw (hamartia) Reversal of fortune (peripeteia) Recognition of mistake (anagnorisis) Purgation of pity and fear (catharsis)

3 1) High Position Nobility Royalty
Human, but better than the average person Good person, but not perfect Someone the audience likes

4 2) Tragic Flaw Greek term is hamartia
A character trait that is negative Something that will cause a problem later Most prominent trait is hubris Excessive pride Human thinking of himself as a god Blind arrogance

5 3) Reversal of Fortune Greek word is peripeteia
A person of high position has a relatively good life Then everything goes wrong The reversal is caused by the hamartia Often the reversal is a punishment from the gods for acting on the hamartia

6 4) Recognition of Mistake
Greek word anagnorisis A change from ignorance to knowledge The tragic hero says “oops” Hero realizes that his peripeteia is his own fault because of his hamartia Also an acceptance of fate (usually his death)

7 5) Purging of Pity and Fear
Greek word catharsis This is felt by the audience Pity because the hero is better than we are (high position) Fear because we do not know our fates or flaws Purging comes from the hero’s acceptance of fate – therefore the audience comes to terms with fate by viewing the discussion of it Audience leaves with the general feeling that life is worth living regardless of suffering or pain that is simply part of human existence

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