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Elements of Persuasion

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1 Elements of Persuasion
Test Review

2 Argument/Persuasion Terms (Yes – define them)
Anaphora Parallel structure Rhetoric Thesis Common place assertion Diction Ethos Pathos Logos

3 Argument/Persuasion Terms - definitions
Anaphora – repetition of the same word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses Parallel structure – the repetition of similar grammatical structures to link related ideas Rhetoric – the skillful use of language to persuade an audience Thesis – the statement that describes the main point/controlling idea of a composition/essay Common place assertion – a statement that many people think is true Diction – the choice of words & arrangement in which they are used Ethos – an appeal to credibility or ethics Pathos – a persuasive appeal to emotions Logos – an appeal based on logic Rhetorical Question – is asked to make a point; no answer expected

4 “Position on Dodge ball in Physical Education”
What is the NASPE’s position on today’s children regarding dodge ball? What widely accepted value does the NASPE use to persuade you? Find one example of logos The NASPE dislikes dodge ball because…?

5 “The Weak Shall Inherit the Gym”
What is the tone the author uses to persuade you? List examples of humor the author uses to persuade you. Why do children need to play dodge ball according to the article? List an example of emotional appeal

6 “No More Pep Rallies” Find an example of Common Place Assertion
What is the writer trying to persuade us to do in the article. Find an example of opinion in the article Find an example of a rhetorical question in the article. Find an example of a fact in the article

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