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Rhetoric Techniques.

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1 Rhetoric Techniques

2 Study the advertisement below
Study the advertisement below. What is it trying to convince (persuade) you to do? How is it trying to convince (persuade) you? Warm-Up:

3 “the art of effective expression (speaking & writing) and the persuasive use of language”
What is Rhetoric?

4 Greek philosopher Aristotle argued that there are three basic ways to persuade an audience that you are right.” Ethos, Pathos, Logos

5 Establishes the writer’s or speaker’s authority, credibility, and believability as he/she speaks/writes. Uses evidence that appeals to ethics and character. Often uses celebrity endorsement. ETHOS

6 Ethos Example:

7 PATHOS: The use of emotion and affect to persuade.
Uses evidence that appeals to the heart; to one’s emotions; uses inspirational words/images; uses words/images to anger you Bandwagon is a type of Pathos – “Everyone’s buying/wearing/eating/drin king a particular product so you should, too!” PATHOS:


9 The use of logic/facts, rationality, and critical reasoning to persuade.
Uses evidence that appeals to the mind not the heart/emotions. Seeks to persuade the audience intellectually (uses facts, statistics, charts, definitions, cause/effect. Logos


11 The expression of similar ideas using similar grammatical form.
This helps create a rhythmic flow to the writing that grabs the audiences’ attention Clauses, phrases, parts of speech, verb tense. Parallel Structure

12 Parallel Structure Examples:
Last summer, we went camping, hiking, and sky-diving. The –ing endings create parallel structure Parallel Structure Examples:


14 On the back of your handout, record the advertisements under the rhetoric technique it applies.
Don’t shout out, just write your initial response. You can change answers as we review them afterwards. Practice!!!

15 “Jordan Slide”










25 Which of these have parallel structure?
1. They like to look but not to listen. 2. They like to look but not listen. Which of these have parallel structure?

26 Independent Practice:
You will be assigned a particular Rhetoric Technique. You will decide on an ordinary object for which to create an advertisement, applying your assigned Rhetoric Technique to convince an audience to buy the object. Independent Practice:

27 Example: Rhetoric Technique Assigned: LOGOS
Student-choice object: Pencil The ad might look something like this . . . Example: Ticonderoga Used by 8 million students everyday.

28 On your published advertisement, you must include ….
The name of Rhetoric Technique . A brief (1 sentence) explanation of how your advertisement uses that Rhetoric Technique.

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