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By Ryan Greene Hammerhead shark.

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1 By Ryan Greene Hammerhead shark

2 Table of contents What do Hammerhead sharks eat Special body parts
Fun facts Adaptations of the Hammerhead shark

3 What do hammerhead sharks eat?
Hammerhead sharks are really strong in there teeth. The hammerhead eats lots of sea creatures such as, fish, sting rays, other sharks, squid, octopuses , crustaceans, little fish, some kelp and other sea plants. It has a very good sense of smell. Hammerhead sharks eat each other Lots they eat right

4 Special body parts The hammerhead shark has the head in the shape of a hammer it is really funky but it helps them scare away predators because they think that body part is hard but there hammer on there head is like a bone to us.

5 Fun facts Three species of hammerhead shark are found in northwestern Australia. The great hammerhead grows to about six meters long. In native Hawaiian culture sharks are considered gods of the seas. It is extremely rare for hammerhead sharks to pass through the waters of Maui.

6 Adoptions of the hammerhead shark
The hammerhead has a new body of water (when they migrate) The hammerhead has new place to sleep away from predators.

7 Conclusion If you didn’t know a lot about hammerhead sharks I bet you do now.

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