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1 044-45495343 Company profile

2 044-45495343 ABOUT AS product development solutions for various markets to companies in automotive, electrical, packaging and closure. Unmatched knowledge of processes and, result-oriented solutions, design proficiency, engineer and manage projects of any type or scale, core competencies in integrated design and engineering consultancy from 'concept to completion‘-is the value of polymer industries. Polymer Industries focuses on developing plastic products. It has reduced turn around time to meet the demands of our clients. Our resources and knowledge are gained from years of dedication to product design, mold design and development enable us to quickly evaluate a project produce a responsive solution. These abilities, combined with the enthusiasm and desire to partner collaboratively with our clients, create a rare and unparalleled unification of technical ability and creative process.

3 044-45495343 WHO WE ARE Our company is a group of engineers with great expertise that create successful designs and plastic product solutions that are fresh, powerful and effective. Oriented towards the client’s needs, each project is assigned a project manager that oversees the project from the beginning stages to the final product. Our goal is to meet your requests and create a positive experience.

4 044-45495343 We Transformed Experience has no replacement, it helps to trans- forms into a very strong player. Polymer industries has experienced both the edges of success and failures and learned invaluable lessons. This helped polymer industries to transform into promising brand as solution provider for Small and Medium scale enterprises and corporate. We are self made technical expertise with very unique approach to the business. Our transformation had changed, the way we treat our clients business solutions. This gifted us with a professional approach. Our services PRODUCT DESIGN FEASIBILITY STUDIES AND PROTOTYPING MOLD DESIGN AND MOLD MAKING MOLD FLOW ANALYSIS We explained our services in details in following slides

5 044-45495343 PRODUCT DESIGN With experience in product design and development, PI realizes that many factors determine a truly great product. Key considerations are the user requirements; function and form; creativity and innovation; the ability to be manufactured and the profitability of the final product. It is the sensitivity to these disciplines that will determine the product’s success. 3D prototyped models are invaluable for communicating your new product. They will be essential for use in focus groups and user group trials, investment meetings and as sales development tools. See our prototyping section for more details. We are powered by Pro engineer –CRE O2 IROD CAD software

6 044-45495343 FEASIBILITY STUDIES AND PROTOTYPING We have many years of experience in designing and developing products and can offer careful considerations concerning the feasibility of the product. Investment in the feasibility stages of the product design process helps to determine the foundations for a successful product. Depending on the development stage of your product, you will have different prototyping requirements. A feasibility study will ensure appearance, layout of design, fit and tolerance and will also allow for further detailed study of the design before production tooling is considered. A prototype will be essential for financial backing meetings, engaging your sales team or gaining feedback from the end user, where it can open up a series of possibilities to convince key people in the process that the product will be successful. We can advise on the most appropriate prototype for each developmental stage in order to save time in the development process and avoid costly errors.

7 044-45495343 MOLD DESIGN We offer a unique combination of decades of mold design experience with the latest CAD technologies. Our designers have a “real world” concept of mold-making necessary for quality designs. Our customers view our staff as an extension of their own engineering departments, working closely with each designer. We are always “on-call” to lend support for our designs. Years of experience and a broad customer base have added to the diversity of our mold design experience, including: injection molds, blow molds, compression and transfer rubber molds. MOLD FLOW ANALYSIS We offer mold flow consulting services through the full suite of Mold flow CAE programs to identify injection molding defects. Our specialty is Mold flow simulation of the plastic injection molding process with the sole aim of identifying potential problems or areas where material or time savings can be made in order to help our customers turn more plastic into profit. We quickly and efficiently evaluate parts through Mold flow simulations from the smallest medical device to the largest car instrument panel. Our consulting service provides you with practical solutions to complex injection molding problems.

8 044-45495343 Quality Policy We at POLYMER INDUSTRIES are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by supply quality product and on time delivery through continual improvement of our process. Quality objective 1 To achieve the customer satisfaction level from 90% -100%. 2 To achieve on time delivery from 90%-100%. 3 To minimize the customer complaint as zero level.

9 044-45495343 Regional office at USA Jonathan Range 27417 Vargo Livonia, Michigan48152 Mobile:-248-219-0626 Mr.GOPU Manager-Operations +91 9444644777 Polymer Industries 50/139, Seven Hills Avenue Poonamallee Road, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai - 600 032. Mr. J.PASUPATHI CEO & Founder pasupathi@polymerindustries. net +91 9940070189

10 044-45495343 044 45495343 For mold design and development quotations Please mail as

11 044-45495343 Thank you

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