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TNO Measurable Impact EARTO Working Group on Quality and Excellence 20th June 2011.

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1 TNO Measurable Impact EARTO Working Group on Quality and Excellence 20th June 2011

2 1 TNO: founded by law (1932) Article 4 TNO Act The Organisation aims to ensure that applied engineering and scientific research and other associated social scientific and applied research is made suitably serviceable for the general good and the distinctive interests contained therein. TNO caters to industry and government needs for specific R&D TNO is independent of public and private interests 20th June 2011 1

3 2 The TNO mission TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitiveness of industry and well-being of society.

4 20th June 2011 3 Basis for strategy 2011-2014 Source for talent development (incubator/springboard for talent) Motivated, committed and enthusiastic, innovative, creative, enterprising. With inspirational figureheads, based on teamwork. Highly challenging working environment. Better world through applied research: Helping to solve major societal problems, bringing innovation to industry, and valorization. Together we make more of: open collaboration, networking, being authoritative and directive, initiating, connecting and orchestrating. Smart solutions for complex problems: Combination of broad and in-depth knowledge, integrating across disciplines, innovative, independent, reliable and based on applying scientific knowledge. external internal

5 20th June 2011 4 Concentration on 7 themes and limited number of innovation areas Relevant innovations with Tangible applications and Impact in the market On the basis of: Excellent knowledge together with partners, customers and stakeholders in open innovation and networks Extra focus on SMEs and start-up companies

6 20th June 2011 5 Themes and innovation areas 1-6-2015 5

7 20th June 2011 6 Areas of expertise Technical Sciences Behavioural and Societal Sciences Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences 1-6-2015 6

8 20th June 2011 7 1-6-2015 7 The TNO organisation Supervisory Board Board of Management Council for Defence Research Corporate Staff Knowledge Centres TNO Companies 3 Expertise lines 7 Theme lines

9 20th June 2011 8 Organisation of the themes 7 themes 20 innovation areas 46 business lines (propositions of knowledge development and application) impact teams for each business line: business line manager business developers knowledge management / research programming communication expert project portfolio management

10 20th June 2011 9 Project progress periodical review: project leader / project manager business line manager (or delegate) (theme line) research manager (or delegate) (expertise line) progress in deliveries financial situation no general reporting format

11 20th June 2011 10 Measurable impact (concept) key performance indicators (KPIs) theme line expertise line focus on themes: projects portfolio of projects customers 10

12 20th June 2011 11 Groups of KPIs customer satisfaction: 4 indicators impact teams: 2 indicators financial system: 6 indicators relevant KPIs depend on the profile of the business line: governmental assignment/task government as major customer national companies as major customers international companies as major customers

13 20th June 2011 12 KPIs mix customer satisfaction surveys actual use of the results impact for the stakeholder (economic of societal) satisfaction delivery time project monitoring by impact teams leading NL/EU initiatives top impact projects (fitting to the road map) financial system turnover assignments (B2B, mixed funding, …) turnover SMEs/foreign countries average size of projects income from licenses

14 20th June 2011 13 Monitoring project portfolio Component Intelligent system level 1 level 3 level 2 contribution to ambition projects: Projects 1 Projects 2 Projects 3 ambition of business line: Roadmap Business line

15 20th June 2011 14 Business Reviews collecting data per business line accumulation to innovation area presentation in tables quarterly review of each theme with TNO Board of Management complete management team of theme corporate staff department Strategy (responsible for minutes)

16 20th June 2011 15 Conclusions ambition: “Innovate with Impact” challenge: measurable impact concept has been described try-out in 1 or 2 series of Business Reviews

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