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Parts of Speech Jeopardy

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1 Parts of Speech Jeopardy
Noun 20 points 30 points 40 points 50 points Verb Article Adverb Preposition Adjective

2 Question: Noun for 20 points
What is a noun?

3 Answer: Noun for 20 Points
A noun is a person, place, thing, quality or idea.

4 Question: Noun for 30 points
Give an example of a person noun.

5 Answer: Noun for 30 points:
Examples: teacher, sister, baker, etc.

6 Question: Noun for 40 points
Give examples of a place noun and a thing noun.

7 Answer: Noun for 40 Points
Example: park, mall, theater, pencil, shoe, computer etc.

8 Question: Noun for 50 points
Give examples of quality and idea nouns.

9 Answer: Noun for 50 points
Examples: wish, dream, wisdom

10 Question: Verb for 20 Points
What is a verb?

11 Answer: Verb for 20 Points
A verb shows action, state of being, or links the subject to the predicate.

12 Question: Verb for 30 points
In which part of a sentence does the verb belong?

13 Answer: Verb for 30 Points
A verb is in the predicate.

14 Question: Verb for 40 points
In the following sentence, which word is the action verb? The children ran around the yard all afternoon.

15 Answer: Verb for 40 points
Ran is the action verb.

16 Question: Verb for 50 points
Give 3 examples of helping verbs.

17 Answer: Verb for 50 points
Examples: is, are, must, etc.

18 Question: Article for 20 points
Articles always appear before what part of speech?

19 Answer: Article for 20 points
Articles appear before nouns.

20 Question: Article for 30 points
What are the three articles?

21 Answer: Article for 30 points
a, an, the

22 Question: Article for 40 points
When do you use “a” in front of a noun, and when do you use “an”?

23 Answer: Article for 40 points
Use “a” in front of nouns that start with consonants and “an” in front of nouns that start with vowels.

24 Question: Article for 50 points
An article is a special form of what other part of speech?

25 Answer: Article for 50 points

26 Question: Adjective for 20 points
What part of speech does an adjective tell about (modify)?

27 Answer: Adjective for 20 points

28 Question: Adjective for 30 points
What three things do adjectives tell about a noun?

29 Answer: Adjective for 30 points
which, how many, what kind

30 Question: Adjective for 40 points
Give examples of each kind of adjective: which, how many, what kind

31 Answer: Adjective for 40 points
which: first how many: few what kind: soft

32 Question: Adjective for 50 points
Identify the adjective(s) in the following sentence: The smart detective figured out the cat burglar’s plan.

33 Answer: Adjective for 50 points
smart cat

34 Question: Adverb for 20 points
What parts of speech does an adverb describe (modify)?

35 Answer: Adverb for 20 points
verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs

36 Question: Adverb for 30 points
What three things do adverbs tell?

37 Answer: Adverb for 30 points
how, where, when

38 Question: Adverb for 40 points
Give examples of each kind of adverb: how where when

39 Answer: Adverb for 40 points
how: quietly when: tomorrow where: there

40 Question: Adverb for 50 points
Identify the adverb(s) in the following sentence: The girl quickly hid the cookie when her mom walked into the room.

41 Answer: Adverb for 50 points
quickly when

42 Question: Preposition for 20 points
What relationship does a preposition show?

43 Answer: Preposition for 20 points
A preposition shows the relationship between the subject and rest of the sentence.

44 Question: Preposition for 30 points
What is the usual form of a prepositional phrase?

45 Answer: Preposition for 30 points

46 Question: Preposition for 40 points
A prepositional phrase will never contain what two sentence parts?

47 Answer: Preposition for 40 points
subject and predicate

48 Question: Preposition for 50 points
Give three examples of prepositional phrases.

49 Answer: Preposition for 50 points
…over the hill …behind a tree …for an assignment

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