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Ergonomics People Task.

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1 Ergonomics People Task

2 Learning Objectives At the conclusion of this training you will be able to: Explain ergonomic principles Identify risks involved with working Additionally you will : Understand how the use of good ergonomic principles keep you safe

3 Applications of Ergonomics

4 Why is Ergonomics Challenging?
People are different

5 Anatomy

6 Anatomy Tendons

7 Muscles and Joints Need rest to recover Need good circulation
Maintain strength

8 Neutral Position

9 Risk Factors Repetitive Motions Forceful Exertions Awkward Posture
Contact Stress Vibration

10 Repetitive Motions No Rest for muscles and joints
Inflammation of tendons, nerves & joints Loss of strength (Muscle fatigue) Decreased circulation Body position

11 Forceful Exertions Inflammation of tendons, nerves & joints
Poor grip (gloves, handles) Loss of circulation Loss of strength (Muscle fatigue)

12 Awkward Posture Poor circulation Arms above heart Extended reach
Holding a fix position (static) Twisting or bending

13 Contact Stress Loss of circulation
Inflammation to tendons, nerves & joints

14 Vibration Poor circulation Inflammation of tendons, nerves & joints

15 Manufacturing Ergonomics
Risks: Twisting or extending reach Overhead Work (Circulation) Repetition without rest Standing Static (Circulation) “Burping cases” (Palm as Hammer) Resting on sharp edges (Circulation) Number of task movements

16 Manufacturing Ergonomics
Injury Prevention: Warm up muscles, joints Neutral Position Rotate muscle groups Do not rest on sharp edges Good grip Switch feet positions Take micro breaks

17 Office Ergonomics Poor posture (tilted head, hunched) Poor lighting
Risks: Poor posture (tilted head, hunched) Poor lighting Long reach Poor chair position Poor monitor position Resting on sharp edges

18 Office Ergonomics Neutral Position Arms close to body
Injury Prevention: Neutral Position Arms close to body Knees bent at 90o, feet flat while sitting Monitor at correct height Rest wrists while typing Take breaks and stretch

19 Ergonomics Team Evaluate each task Reduce the number of movements
Provide Feedback Provide Ideas Feasibility

20 If Signs of Injury Exist
Inform Supervisor immediately Complete an injury report Rest specific body part Ice Early intervention is the key

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