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Safety Oversight System in India

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1 Safety Oversight System in India
Presentation by DGCA India (January 2010)

2 International Audit by ICAO and FAA of USA
Audit by International Civil Aviation Organisation October 2006 Total findings – 70 Implemented 54 Under implementation 16 } 9 (under implementation) } 7 (covered under National Projects with ICAO) Audit by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of USA March 2009 19 areas of concern identified

3 Final Consultation by FAA
FAA IASA team revisited DGCA on 23rd September 2009 Confirmed and validated the action taken by DGCA since the audit in March 2009. FAA determined that India meets all international standards in all the eight (8) Critical Elements of an effective safety oversight system

4 Main areas of Concern of ICAO and FAA
Lack of availability of skilled and trained technical manpower in DGCA Lack of adequate surveillance of airlines and other organisations Inadequate enforcement of the aviation regulations

5 Actions initiated - trained technical manpower
Restructuring and strengthening of DGCA Capacity Building and Skill upgradation Feasibility study for establishment of CAA in place of existing DGCA

6 Restructuring and strengthening of DGCA
132 lapsed posts revived and 427 new technical positions created Time-bound action plan initiated to fill newly created posts in phased manner Short term experts hired pending regular recruitment Administrative and financial delegation enhanced at headquarters and regional offices New scheme of decentralization and strengthening of regional offices created

7 Capacity Building in DGCA
Aviation Safety Inspectors in the areas of Flight Operations; Aerodromes; Air Navigation Services (CNS/ ATM) and Cabin Safety taken on secondment from industry Full strength of Flight Operations Inspectors on board Technical Cooperation from ICAO on three National Projects (Flight Safety; Aerodromes and ANS)

8 Skill Upgradation of DGCA officers
System for annual preparation of training programme established (Internal and External training) In 2009, about 100 technical officers trained at FAA facilities, Singapore, Thailand, IATA etc. All newly recruited/ seconded inspectors provided ab-initio training Joint Training Academy of DGCA being set up.

9 Technical Guidance for DGCA Inspectors/ Industry
Comprehensive Airworthiness Procedures Manual Enforcement Policy and Procedures manual Flight Operations Inspectors’ Manual – Air operator Certification, Administration and Surveillance Flight Operations Inspectors Training and Qualification Handbook Manuals available on DGCA’s website

10 Restructuring and strengthening of DGCA
Feasibility study for establishment of Civil Aviation Authority commissioned to ICAO. Study commenced in October 2009 Scheduled for completion in February/ March 2010.

11 Enhanced Surveillance and Enforcement of Regulations
Annual Surveillance programme 2009 – 4000 inspections planned and completed Annual Surveillance programme 2010 prepared and launched – 4400 inspections Surveillance of foreign airlines operating to/from India included in the programme

12 Enhanced Surveillance and Enforcement of Regulations
Financial surveillance of airlines introduced to identify areas for heightened surveillance etc. Regulations amended to enhance penalties Board for Aviation Safety set up to resolve deficiencies Database of deficiencies created Surveillance and Enforcement Division set up at headquarters

All initiatives brought under an aggressive “Roadmap” with deliverables and time frames set Monitored on a monthly basis The “Roadmap” also include new initiatives Aviation Regulation Advisory Panel (ARAP) - to make regulations dynamic A “SSP Group” setup to prepare India’s Safety Programme. Presently “Gap analysis” being conducted by task groups formed for various areas IT driven solutions in DGCA – establishment of data-driven processes for ease of functioning and transparency

14 Total Accidents versus Fatal Accidents 2000-2009

15 Total Accidents versus Helicopter Accidents

16 Current International Initiatives
BASA with USA - Under progress to carry out a shadow certification of Indian aeronautical products by FAA experts. ACP with USA Activities completed include air traffic flow management procedures Two agreements of cooperation signed with FAA for support by US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) for assistance on helicopter operations (Bell Helicopters) and training on certification of aeronautical products (HAECO Parts Group USA).

17 Current International Initiatives
Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and continued airworthiness programme – South Asia (COSCAP-SA) EASA Project of evaluation of Indian manufacturing industry which will include DGCA certification and oversight capabilities. The process will lead to type certification by EASA of Dhruv helicopter manufactured by HAL Bangalore.

18 Current International Initiatives
EU-India Civil Aviation Cooperation programme Initially operated in India for three years The current phase of the programme being finalised Focus on strengthening institutional capacity of DGCA to ensure adoption and enforcement of international best standards and practices South Asia Regional Initiative (SARI) Focus on introduction of international regulations/ guidance documentation for adoption by South Asia States.

19 Current International Initiatives
India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA) Cooperation Programme An agreement signed with India, Brazil and South Africa envisages a cooperation programme in the areas of certification, regulatory frame work and accident investigation Assistance to Afghanistan Under a cooperation programme with Afghanistan, India plans to send aviation experts the country in the areas of airport and air traffic management and also in airworthiness and operational control Provide training to the technical experts of Afghanistan

20 Conclusion DGCA has put in place
an effective surveillance programme duly backed by required number of inspectors along with an institutionalized mechanism for monitoring and resolution of safety deficiencies. India endeavors to promote safe and efficient air transportation through regulation and proactive safety oversight system.

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