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The Golden Goose by The Brothers Grimm E4C 蘇懋為 Zack 493410125.

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2 The Golden Goose by The Brothers Grimm E4C 蘇懋為 Zack 493410125

3 There once was a man and woman who had 3 grown sons and the youngest son was called Dummling.

4 The elder son wanted to travel to the forest and become a lumberjack. Before he went, his mother gave him a sweet cake and a bottle of apple cider so that he would not suffer of hunger or thirst while in the woods.

5 When he entered the forest, he met a little old man who greeted him and asked, ”would you please give me a piece of cake and some of your apple cider? I am so hungry and thirsty. ”But the elder son answered, “If I give you some of my food and drink, then I won’t have enough for myself. Now go away!!”

6 But, when the son began to chop down a tree, it was not long before he accidentally cut himself in the arm with his axe. And so, the son had to return home to see a doctor. The little, old, grey man had made all of this happen.

7 Soon, the second son also went into the forest. The little man also met him, and asked him for some cake and apple cider. But, the second son also said no to the little man. And he was punished, too.

8 When he returned, the third son, Dummling begged to his father and said, “Father, I want to go to the forest.” His father answered, “Maybe you’ll learn your lesson if you also hurt yourself. His mother hoped that he would not go, she tried to changer his mind by giving him a burnt cake and a bottle of warm water.

9 He also met the old man who said, ”please give me a piece of your cake and a drink. I’m so hungry and thirsty.” Dummling answered,” I have only a burnt cake and a bottle of warm water. If you don’t mind, we can share it.”

10 So they ate, when Dummling pulled out, the burnt cake became a delicious cake, and the warm water became cool apple cider. After finishing, the little man said, ” you have a good heart, I’ll give you good luck.

11 Then when Dummling started cutting the tree, at the bottom was a goose with feathers of gold. He took her with him and went to an inn to stay the night.

12 The innkeeper had 3 daughters that they wanted to have one of the golden feathers. Then they went to the goose and grabbed it. But their hand instantly became stuck to it as with glue. So they were stuck together whole night.

13 The next morning Dummling took the goose and set off. The girls were forced to run after him. While walking through a field, a man saw them and said,” Shame on you girls, why you chasing after this young man?” Then he grabbed the youngest girl’s hand, but as soon as he touched, he too became stuck.

14 Then soon many men and women grabbed them to pull them away, but they also stuck and had to run behind Dummling and the goose. Then they came to a kingdom, there was a princess who was so serious that no one could make her laugh.

15 The king had put a decree that anyone who could make her laugh could marry her. When Dumming heard this, he went to see the princess with many people. As soon as she saw them running to keep up with the goose, she began to laugh loudly.

16 Then the king promised to marry the princess to him and held a great party. The entire kingdom attended the feast as well as Dummling’s family and the little man. The old man used his magic to free the group of them from the goose. Finally, Dummling and the Princess were married and lived happily.

17 References Microsoft Office Art Gallery 力新 - 非常好色 7

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