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sanjUkta roy BTTM-4th Semester ROLL-NO:- 01 SUB-TOURISM PRODUCT-II TOPIC-A CASE STUDy Of suraj kund crafts Fair.

The Surajkund Crafts Mela is held every year in the month of February in Haryana. The festival is also popular amongst the residents of Delhi. It was held for the first time in the year Surajkund Crafts Mela acts as a platform for displaying folk arts and crafts from all over the nation. Suraj Kund Handicrafts Fair is a unique opportunity for the talented artists, weavers, painters, sculptors and craftsmen from different regions of India, to display their skill. The whole preparation of the fair is done, keeping a particular state in mind. Every year a new state is chosen as the theme and the entire decoration is changed accordingly. Handicrafts of some of the states showcased at the Surajkund Crafts Mela are: Banjara and Bunni embroidery of Gujarat Phulkari embroidery of Punjab Lace and crochet from Goa Sandalwood and rosewood carving of South India Kantha work of West Bengal and North Eastern states Chikan work of Lucknow Chikri woodcraft of Kashmir The festival is highlighted by the special Natyashala folk dances and musical evenings, organized at the open-air theatre.


4 SURAJ KUND CRAFTS MELA With the launch of the Surajkund Crafts Mela in 1981, Haryana Tourism set a precedent in organizing cultural events on a national level. Now internationally famous, the fortnight long fair .With the launch of the Surajkund Crafts Mela in 1981, Haryana Tourism set a precedent in organizing cultural events on a national level. Now internationally famous, the fortnight long fair also celebrates the rhythms of folk theatre - all of which endear one to the simple charm of the Suraj Kund Mela village. The Crafts Mela celebrates the finest handlooms and handicrafts traditions of country. Held in the month of February from 1st-15th, the fair embodies the spirit that runs through the people of India and its rich culture. The Suraj Kund Crafts Mela is held just 8 kms from South Delhi, at Suraj Kund.

5 The Dazzling Spectacle
Beneath thatched roof platforms, master craftspersons carefully display the finest of handlooms and handicrafts from all over the country. The event is so colorful and rich in experience, that many a tourist has returned to visit it again and again. The prices are relatively low compared to emporia, and some of the stuff can be amazing. Shops at the Mela bustle with the brilliance of mirror encasing embroidery, delicate lace work, folk motifs on terracotta forms, metal and cane-ware, the tinkle of bangles, shimmer of iridescent silks and the jingle of toys and trinkets. The Suraj Kund Crafts Mela is more than a celebration of crafts. At the fan shaped open-air-theatre name 'Natya shala' rich folk dances and musical evenings are held throughout the fortnight. The Irresistible Cuisine The fun-filled mela celebrations every year, come as a mini food festival. Some of the popular food traditions arrive from Punjab and South Indian delicacies come in from the South Indian section. Popular Chinese and snack foods also arrive for the event alongwith a special stall where patrons are introduced to the traditional foods and sweet meats of the theme state. The Suraj Kund Crafts Mela also comes as an event that celebrates the vibrant rhythms of folk theatre. All these colourful events flower before the audience in the open-air-theatre named Natyashala.

6 Artistically Dexterous Crafts
For the mela, some of the most delightful crafts collections arrive from practically all over the country. In wood and cane craft come inlay work from Punjab and rosewood carving, sandalwood from South India. 'Chikri' woodcraft of Kashmir and some very fine cane craft come from West Bengal and North Eastern states. Delicate 'Sholapith' and 'Shital Patti' work come from Assam and West Bengal. In embroidery, the Phulkari of Punjab, the 'Banjara' and 'Bunni' embroidery of Gujarat and Rajasthan, the 'Kantha' traditions from West Bengal and Tripura, lace and crochet from Goa, the 'Suzni' of Kashmir and mirror encasing work alongwith the traditional 'Chikan' work of Lucknow delight.

7 In the section of floor covering the 'Namda' and carpet of Kashmir, the 'Punja Durrie' of Haryana and Punjab, the woolen druggets of Mirzapur and coir and rag carpets of south India fascinate the visitors. Oxidized jewellery, seashell decorations and agate stone work delight as also the delicate gold work and chunky silver jewellery. Toys in wood and cane, ply and mud make the young thrill with joy. The fascinating 'Phad' paintings of Rajasthan, the 'Kalamkari' of Andhra and Karnataka, temple paintings of Orissa, 'Madhubani' of Bihar are also on display. In the metal section, tribal 'Dhora' work, classical South Indian metal work, glittering brassware, bell metal and iron craft delight collectors.

8 Handicrafts of Suraj kund crafts Mela.

9 Surajkund Crafts Mela: Showcasing Bengal
Bengal is the theme state of the famous Surajkund Crafts Mela, this February. The venue has been decorated with traditional artwork and exquisite motifs. Sixty-one artisans from West Bengal are participating in the fair. One of the unique features of the fair is that its decor is based on the theme of a particular state and the state chosen changes every year. The entrance, the grounds, the furniture, the colors, the architecture and everything else will remind you of the state chosen. There will even be a special stall dedicated to the local cuisines of that state. There are approximately 400 hundred stalls at the venue and there is always a particular craft that gets more highlighted in any given year. Another major attraction of the Surajkund Crafts Mela is that here you will get the handicrafts at a discounted price.

10 Displays colourful traditional crafts of India.
While craftsmen from all over India participate, one particular state is focused upon each year. The mela also attracts lakhs of visitors, both for the amazing range of interesting crafts it showcases as well as the relaxing rural ambience of the mela grounds. The fair also provides a meeting ground for the talented painters, weavers, sculptors and craftsmen form all over India who exhibit their creations and the arts and crafts lovers who flock here to admire and purchase these creations. Besides shopping to your heart's content, you can also witness beautiful, colourful folk dances and also savour delicacies of various states of India. Be it Kerala's Dosa or Gujarati Dhokla or Punjabi Rajma-Chawal or Sikkim's Momos, you get it all here.  The village ambience at Surajkund Mela not only facilitates city-dwellers to get a taste of village life but it also helps the artisans to gain access to national and international buyers. Surajkund Crafts Mela is one colourful festival where you can witness the various shades of India as well as possess small portions of the country through the wares displayed. This is one Indian festival that should not be missed.  Reaching Surajkund - Surajkund lies in the Faridabad district on the Delhi - Agra national highway. Surajkund is 8 kms from South Delhi. Special transport link the Mela ground to major bus stops in Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad towns.  Surajkund Crafts Mela, the brainchild of the tourism department of Haryana was launched in 1981, celebrates the vibrant culture of India. The fair, celebrated from February 1st to 15th, is set against the background of Surajkund Mela village, which displays its own simple charm, tantalizing the tourists and visitors alike. The fair was initially launched by Haryana Tourism to act as a platform for the artists to share their art with the common man and where cultural events could take place on a national level. But now it has gained international recognition and people pour into Surajkund to witness this gala event from all across the world.  At this Crafts Mela, you can find the finest handlooms and handicrafts of the country. Beneath thatched roof platforms, master craftsmen carefully display the finest of handlooms and handicrafts from all over the country. The event is so colourful and rich in experience, that it has witnessed many tourists returning to be a part of the mela over and over again. The highlight of this mela is that the best craft products from all across the states of India are displayed at a single place where you can not only just feel them but also purchase them. 

11 Held over two weeks in February, the Surajkund Crafts Mela is a crafts fair like no other that bristles with energy and excitement like only an Indian festival can. The event attracts skilled artists from across the country who travel to the event to set up exhibitions and displays of their works ranging from delicate lace work and jewellery to pottery and handmade furniture. First held in 1981, the event is a popular showcase for traditional Indian arts and crafts and includes a bustling food fair and plenty of live entertainment.

12 The 24th Surajkund Crafts Mela which took place from 1st – 15th February ,2010 is an annual affair which has the finest Handicrafts & Handlooms on display. The Mela also offers Folk Dances, Music, Theatre performances, Performances by Egypt, Shopping, Variety of Food from Different Indian States, Competitions including Painting / Photography, Kite Making / Kite Flying, Camel Safari and amusement park for children & other such fun activities. The Mela is a wonderful way to experience rural India. Place : Surajkund, Faridabad Theme State : Rajasthan Organized by : Haryana Tourism Website :

13 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank our Beloved and Respected teacher Mrs.Moumita Poddar for introducing such an augmented and outrageous project (A CASE STUDY OF SURAJKUND CRAFTS FAIR) to us. I’ve highly enjoyed and loved in doing this melancholy project. I was able to do this project by revising the vast plethora of introduction given to us by our respected teacher Mrs.Poddar. THANKING YOU


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