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Revision for vocabulary and writing Given by Shelly.

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1 Revision for vocabulary and writing Given by Shelly

2 various kinds of theme parks Disneyland Camelot Futuroscope Dollywood

3 There are different kinds of theme parks in the world, among which Disneyland is one that we are most familiar with. It is a fantasy amusement park which is well-known for cartoon characters and have many other __________ (enjoyable things to do). With all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland. Dollywood is one of the most unusual theme parks in the world, which shows Americans traditional southeastern culture. There are music groups performing in indoor and outdoor theatres. You can even see beautiful bald eagles in the worlds largest bald eagle __________(an area available for animals to live in). Camelot Park is a world of fantasy about ancient England, which is built around life in the days of King Authur. It is a park where you can also find the jousting area and the farm area. various famous attractions unique preserve modelled after fantasy amusement ________ ________________________________ _____________

4 Opened in 1987, Futuroscope is one of the largest space- age park in the world. This theme park in France uses the most advancing technology. Its 3-D cinemas and giant movie screens provide brand new experiences of earth and beyond. Visitors can get closely to parts of the world they had never experienced, go to the bottom of the ocean, flying through the jungle or visiting the edges of the solar system. The amazed, up-to-date information together with many opportunities for hands-on learning make the world come to life in a complete new way for the visitors. _____ ___________ ________ _______ _____ ___________ come to life get close to parks advanced the havegoing amazing makes completely close

5 be modelled after come to life various no wonder get close to attraction advance fantasy preserve Hello Kitty Home is a must-go for all the cat-lovers. It is a _______ theme park located in Tama New Town. Opened on Dec, 7, 1990, the theme park hosts _____ ______ ___ musicals, restaurants and attractions. Once you ___ ____ __ the park, the beautiful theme park entrance will greet you. Once inside, the park is a swamp of various cartoon characters, most of which ___ ________ ____ cats. With so many popular characters such as Hello Kitty, Pochacco and many more, __ _______ every kid is just busy trying to get a hug with them. The characters are so vivid ( )that they seem to ____ ____ __ _____. a varitey of get close to are modelled after no wonder have come to life fantasy

6 Now we are in a dinosaur theme park, _____________ ____________________________( ). Coming here, you will find _________ ________________( ), which lived in the Jurassic. All the exhibits are so vivid ________________ _____________________( ). I m sure that ____________________________________ _______________( ) but also learn something about dinosaurs. which is modelled after life in the days of dinosaurs various kinds of dinosaurs that all the dinosaurs seem to have come to life anyone who comes here can not only amuse himself

7 The Disneyland in Shaighai should absorb special attractions (eg. Chinese culture) to win lasting favor of visitors. ------by Shelly In China, Disney has started producing what it callsculturally customized films by joining with a local motion picture company. The first release, The Secret of the Magic Gourd, was based on a traditional Chinese story; the second focused on pandas. ------an expert

8 outline a heading sometimes) special attractions in Shanghai Disneyland a slogan Do remember ABCD !! heading ------Attractive? words ------ Beautiful? slogan --------- Creative? reasons ------ Direct? Make an ad for Shanghai Disneyland to attract more visitors.

9 ItemsCriteria Group Assessment ABC Structure 1.The heading /slogan is clear 2. well organized Words spelling mistakes 2.clear & persuasive Hand writing beautiful & easy to read A : very good B : not bad C : needs improving

10 1.Finish your compositions according to the assessment. 2. If possible, find more information about Shanghai Disneyland and tell people around you about it.

11 Thank you! Bye!

12 n.adj.v. attraction various amusement fantasy / attractiveattract variety vary amusing / amused amuse fantastic vocabulary building As is known to all, there are a lot of _________ in Yongjia. Every time I come here, I am _________ by them as they are so ________ to me. attractions attracted attractive Today, there are many people in our classroom for ___________________ reasons, and I think the age of us ___________from 18 to _____. various/ a variety of varies

13 with with+ + doing --- done --- to do --- With the winter vacation _________(come), we-----. The teacher felt relaxed with all the work _______ (finish). Do you feel nervous with so many exams _________ (take) next week? coming finished to take

14 no wonder No wonder he slept in class, for he had played computer games for a whole night. 1. Brad was Janes brother! ____ he reminded me so much of Jane! (2004 ) A. No doubt B. Above all C. No wonder D. Of course 2. Her father is very rich. ______ She wouldnt accept his help even if it were offered. (2010 A. What for? B. So what? C. No doubt. D. No wonder.

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