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MARKETING/ANNUAL ACTIVITY PLAN/OFFICER ROLES UK Alumni Association Club Leadership Training June 15, 2012.

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1 MARKETING/ANNUAL ACTIVITY PLAN/OFFICER ROLES UK Alumni Association Club Leadership Training June 15, 2012

2 Presentation Overview  Basic Event Planning  Important Role of Alumni Club Events  General Steps to Plan an Event  Last Minute Details & Tips  How To … Guide  Requesting Marketing  Broadcast Emails  Invitations  Calendar Postings / Online registration  Using other sources (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  Club Officer Roles  Annual Activity Plan  Sample Club Events Calendar  Important Dates

3 Alumni Club Events An Important Role  Alumni Clubs play an important role in carrying out the mission – connecting alumni with each other and the University  Each club determines its own programming and this will vary by area/alumni/size of chapter  Successful events take committed volunteers, and close attention to logistics and details

4 General Steps To Plan An Event Decide on Event Type & Purpose Consult guest speaker schedule, if applicable Choose date & time Determine Venue Plan your budget based on expected number of people Choose member & nonmember costs Setup catering and any entertainment Work with Alumni Association staff to determine event marketing Determine agendaSelect décor Confirm entertainment, speakers, catering, venue setup Enjoy your event!

5 Things to Consider Choose a location friendly to all in your group. Avoid private clubs. Pay attention to the distance alumni will have to travel to get to the event - select a centralized location. On Selecting a Venue Plan early and make sure you have plenty of supplies. Choose items you can use again! On Decor When serving food, always have a vegetarian option. Make sure the venue is handicap accessible and that there is adequate seating. On Keeping Guests Happy Ask volunteers to assist with event planning. Divide up duties/roles – i.e. taking RSVP’s, setting up catering, décor, etc. Always have help! Send thank you notes to any speakers, volunteers, etc. Pay any final bills After the Event

6 Last Minute Details Confirm any guest speaker travel arrangements Collect all materials needed – décor, programs, nametags, giveaways, etc. Notify caterer of counts, whether higher or lower than guarantee 2 Weeks Prior Confirm final guest list for caterer, site, etc. Make nametags, seating chart if necessary Confirm volunteers 1 Week Prior Arrive early, and encourage other volunteers to do so as well Check venue setup, any audio/visual equipment Setup décor Relax and smile! Make each guest feel welcome. Event Day

7 How To … Guide  Refer to your club leaders handbook for ways to plan…  Kentucky Derby parties  Student send-offs  Game watch parties  Baseball outings  Bus trips  Club meeting / dinner  … and More!

8 Event Marketing Assistance Invitations Broadcast Emails Calendar Postings / Online Registration  A comprehensive marketing plan helps to ensure the success of your events.  Use any combination of the marketing services offered by the UK Alumni Association.

9 Timeline for Marketing  Keep in mind the following deadlines for assistance with marketing events….  8 weeks for invitation design  72 hours (3 business days) for broadcast emails  72 hours (3 business days) for online registration

10 Broadcast Emails  When requesting marketing for event, email details to appropriate staff person (Jill or Alyssa)  Be sure to send complete information (this will insure that your request is processed in a timely manner)  When requesting, be specific about your audience.  Members vs. members & nonmembers  Young alumni (defined as graduates of last 10 years)  Make sure your message is clear! The text should sound fun and exciting so that people want to attend your event!

11 Invitations  Invitation designs… allow 8 weeks from the time you request invitations to the day of the event  Before asking for design, have everything together – including copy for the invite, any logos you need on the invite, final date, time, location, any speakers, etc.

12 Calendar Postings  Send request to appropriate staff person  Online registration is available  Unique URL’s are available (i.e.  To access online events calendar…  Visit  Click on Events  Click on Events Calendar

13 Social Networking Can be a great tool for reaching alums, promoting events Many clubs have created their own Facebook groups or pages Encourage members to join the UK Alumni Association Fan PageUK Alumni Association Fan Page Facebook Many clubs also have Twitter pages they use to communicate with alums The UK Alumni Association has its own Twitter page @kentuckyalumni @kentuckyalumni Twitter *Please be aware of the use of the UK Alumni Association logo on your social networking pages or any other communication coming from the club.

14 Tips on Communications  Give plenty of lead time and be prepared with your requests.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions or for assistance.  Events in which a majority of our clubs participate have templates for invitations ( i.e. Kentucky Derby Parties, Student Send-offs)  Deadlines matter!!

15 Club Officers and Their Duties President Adhere to the constitution of the club Serve as club liaison to UK Alumni Association staff and inform the association of meetings Assume the chairmanship of the local steering committee or club board of directors Preside at all club meetings Assume responsibility for the success of each club activity and project President-Elect Perform the duties of the president in the event of his/her absence or disability Assist the president in the fulfillment of his/her duties Prepare to accept the presidency of the club for the next term Secretary Take the minutes of all club and club board of directors meetings and forward copies to the alumni association Send out notices of club board of directors meetings with a copy sent to the alumni association Treasurer Maintain the club funds, pay obligations of the club, and keep a detailed record of all club financial transactions. Establish a budget for the club’s yearly activities to be approved by the club’s board of directors Prepare and send an annual club financial report to the Alumni Association following the annual meeting Serve as an ex- officio member of every club committee

16 Suggested Committees  Membership Committee  Publicity/Communications Committee  Young Alumni Committee  Scholarship Committee  Activities Committee  Student Recruitment Committee  Temporary Committees

17 Annual Activity Plan  Listing of any programming club is planning for the coming year  Club Development Committee Liaison  Check on progress made by clubs

18 Possible Club Events Calendar Baseball outing Student send- off Picnic Summer Football Game Watch Parties/ Bus trips to a game Cats for a Cause events Club Dinner / Speaker College fair/ preview night participation Fall Holiday party or progressive dinner Basketball game watch parties / trips to a game DanceBlue letter writing Winter SEC/NCAA game watch parties Speed networking / career event Scholarship fundraiser Kentucky Derby party Present book awards Spring

19 Important Dates for 2012-13 ALL TENTATIVE and subject to change  2012 Cats for a Cause: Oct. 5 – Oct. 14  2013 DanceBlue letters: due Jan. 25  2013 Derby party: details due by the end of February  2013 Student Send-off details due by mid-June, unless hosted in Spring (due mid-March).  2013 Club Leadership Training – TBD

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