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Battle of Fort Necessity (pg 106) took place on July 3, 1754 Took place in present day Pennsylvania. This was one of the first of many battles to come.

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1 Battle of Fort Necessity (pg 106) took place on July 3, 1754 Took place in present day Pennsylvania. This was one of the first of many battles to come during the time of the French revolution. Washington built the fort himself near the Allegany mountains for protection. It was George Washington’s first surrender of his war career. This battle was important because it would eventually lead to the 7 years war.

2 Battles of Lexington and Concord (pg 98) April 19, 1775 This battle marked the turning point of open armed warfare with Great Britain and the 13 U.S. colonies. These battles were fought in Lexington and Concord near Boston. British army were giving orders to capture and destroy supplies that they thought were stolen and stored in various cities. The first shots were fired in the morning somewhere in Lexington. This was the first military action taken leading up to the revolutionary war.

3 Battle of Saratoga (pg 108- 109) October 7, 1777 The reason for this battle was Burgoyne's idea to separate New England from the southern colonies. He won a small battle before this but suffered many casualties during the battle putting him at a disadvantage. Burgoyne's troops were severely out numbered which compelled him to surrender to the U.S. The results of this war were France and Spain coming to Aid the American side during the world.

4 Battle of Bunker Hill/Breeds Hill (pg 100) June 17, 1775 Took place during the early part of the revolutionary war on Bunker hill along side the siege of Boston. The colonials had been warned of the battle before hand on June 13. They began to move forces to Bunker hill and breeds hill to counter the on coming British. The British put a dent in the amount of colonials at battle which force the U.S. to retreat to Cambridge. The U.S. forces ended up winning the war but received a big loss in men from the battles.

5 Battle of New York September 15, 1776 (pg 107) The Colonial forces had just escaped from New York and were heading up to New York City behind President George Washington. The U.S. forces had left Long Island and given that territory to the British. It was inevitable that soon the British would come to New York to claim that city too. 4 days after Howe had met with the continental congress, he arrived to New York with assault soldiers and without much of a fight the Americans retreated to Harlem.

6 Battle of Yorktown September to October 1781 (pg 115) This was a battle between the Americans and General Cornwallis at the battle of Yorktown. The Americans had about the same number of troops as the British did. But America did not fight alone because they were able to perfectly group up with the French army and attack Cornwallis. This action resulted in a victory for the Americans and a step closer to their freedom.

7 Battle of New Orleans January 8, 1815 (pg 191) The battles of New Orleans is an extremely important battle in American history because it is know as the final major battle in the War of 1812. The British were on a mission to capture New Orleans and additional land that was gain by the U.S. in the Louisiana purchase. The U.S. forces were lead by Major General Andrew Jackson, who stopped the seize from the British forces. The British had over 8,000 men that landed on the Gulf Coast in order to enter New Orleans. Unfortunately their war efforts were unsuccessful and the U.S. held onto their territory.

8 Battle of the Alamo February 23 – March 6, 1836 (pg 271) Was one of the most important events in the Texas revolution for the Americans. Before this event many Texans weren't very involved in the revolution. That changed when Mexican President Santa Anna ordered an attack at the Alamo. All of the Texans were killed which sparked an interest of the whole U.S. because of fellow Americans being killed. The Americans wanted revenge on the Mexicans and they got that revenge later at the battle of San Jacinto.

9 Battle of Buena Vista (pg 300-310) February 23, 1847 (pg This was a major achievement for Taylor and was the last major battle in northern Mexico. The Americans were also largely out numbered by the Mexican troops which was a major disadvantage for the U.S. but on the other hand the Americans had a much more advanced system weapons and skill that led them to victory. This battle also forced Santa Anna to later defend Mexico city. That battle would be run by Winfield Scott.

10 Battle of Mexico City (pg 273) September 8/15, 1847 The last major battle in the Mexican American war. It eventually ended with the fall of Mexico City. Each side had their advantages and disadvantages but it came down to which side could make less mistakes. Scott had no trouble engaging with Mexico city which Santa Anna was relying on the city to defend itself and be hard to destroy. The Americans feared being out numbered but as they succeed in every battle moving closer through each battle they finally arrived in Chapultepec which was the final battle and as before many Mexican troops fled from that battle as well. This turned out to be very successful for the Americans even with the loss of many troops

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