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African Americans in the War

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1 The American Revolution (1776-1783) Chapter 6, Lesson 1 EQ: Why does conflict develop?

2 African Americans in the War
5,000 black men served in the Continental Army, and hundreds more served on the sea. When the American Revolution ended, most African Americans were denied the promises of liberty that were written in the Declaration.

3 Women during the War Had to assume the responsibilities that had formerly belonged to men. - Farming, bookkeeping and trade Deborah Sampson fought disguised as a man named, Robert Shirtliffe in the Continental Army. Deborah served for three years and was awarded for her military service.

4 Key Battles of the American Revolution

5 Battle of Bunker Hill American take over high ground of Breed's Hill and are attacked by over 2000 British soldiers who storm up the hill. The Americans are ordered not to fire until they can see "the whites of their eyes." The Americans run out of ammunition and are left only with bayonets and stones to defend themselves. The British succeed in taking the hill, but at a loss of half their force, over a thousand casualties, with the Americans losing about 400.


7 Battle of Long Island (August 1776)
The two armies met in Long Island, New York The Continental Army was outnumbered British had more men and more supplies Many patriots had no shoes, socks or jackets British win the battle

8 Battle of Trenton and Princeton (December 1776)
General Washington's army was in a pitiful condition, and growing weaker. It was bitter cold and they lacked food, shoes and blankets. Washington made his famous crossing of the Delaware river. A spy told him the Hessians, (German troops) were spending the evening relaxing and enjoying food and wine. Washington cross at night and surprise them in the morning. So while the Hessians were enjoying their wine and song, the Continental Army was preparing to attack. Surprise attack succeeds= PATRIOTS WIN!! The morale of the Continental Army increases

9 The famous crossing: Washington and his army cross the Delaware River at night to attack the Hessian mercenaries at Trenton.


11 Battle of Saratoga (August 1777)
The British will surrender to the Colonial forces led by General Horatio Gates Saratoga is important because it is a major defeat for the British and shows the French that the colonies may be able to win the war

12 Battle of Saratoga The first major American victory of the Revolutionary War, 600 British died. American losses 150 men. France recognizes the independence of America and enters the war on the side of the Patriots. Money and supplies given by French Helps Washington's Continental Army.

13 Victory at Saratoga !! Britain's loss at Saratoga proved disastrous,
Battle proves that the Patriots could defeat the British!!

14 Review Questions Packet: Read “Early Campaigns” (pg. 103-105)
Complete Questions #8-12. Write the question and answer.

15 The End is near !!- Yorktown
August British General Cornwallis and his 10,000 tired soldiers seek rest at the port of Yorktown, Virginia. General Washington changes plans and attacks Yorktown after receiving a letter indicating that 29-French ships with 3000 soldiers is now heading for the Chesapeake Bay near Cornwallis. General Washington rush their best troops south to Virginia to destroy the British position in Yorktown.

16 September 1781 – General Washington, with 17,000 men, begins the siege of Yorktown. French cannons bombard the British all night, while Washington advanced and encircle them. British supplies run dangerously low. October As Yorktown is about to be taken, the British send out a flag of surrender.

17 Battle of Yorktown, October 1781
The French are helping the Continental Army with men, weapons and warships The Americans and the French will corner the British on a small peninsula and bombard them with cannon fire. The British will surrender and end the American Revolution. The colonists will win the American Revolution with this victory.

18 Battle of Yorktown

19 The British surrender!!!

20 The Treaty of Paris (1783) THE WAR ENDS WITH THESE CONDITIONS
“free, sovereign and independent states” British must remove all troops from forts Boundary for United States is the Mississippi Loyalist would have rights and property protected captured slaves must be returned to owners


22 Battle of Yorktown Battle of Yorktown
When: _______________________________ Where: ______________________________ Description: Outcome:

23 Summarizing Activity Write a letter to a famous Patriot of your choice who helped the USA win the Revolution. Thank the Patriot for his/her service Ask questions about the war effort State your view: do you think the Patriot did a good job in the war effort? Why?

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