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War of Independence: The Battles

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1 War of Independence: The Battles
5th Grade Social Studies

2 The Battle of Lexington
April 19, 1775 Lexington, Massachusetts

3 The Battle of Concord April 19, 1775 Concord, Massachusetts

4 The Battle of Bunker Hill
June 17, 1775 Bunker Hill, Massachusetts

5 The Battle of Long Island
August 27, 1776 Long Island, New York

6 The Battle of Trenton December 26, 1776 Trenton, New Jersey

7 The Battle of Princeton
January 3, 1777 Princeton, New Jersey

8 The Battle of Saratoga October 17, 1777 Saratoga, New York

9 Winter at Valley Forge Winter of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

10 The Battle of Yorktown October 19, 1781 Yorktown, Virginia

11 The Battle of Lexington
British soldiers tried to sneak out of Boston to seize (steal) American gunpowder in Concord Sons of Liberty, including Paul Revere, warned the Patriots 70 Minutemen met the British at Lexington No one knows who fired the first shot of the war 10 Americans were killed and 8 were wounded

12 The Battle of Concord After the British defeated the Minutemen in Lexington, they marched on to Concord Minutemen and British fought in Concord The British fled back to Boston through Lexington 4,000 angry Americans shot at the British soldiers from behind trees and rocks

13 The Battle of Bunker Hill
2,400 British troops and 1,600 American troops fought near Bunker Hill American soldiers were ordered to hold fire until British troops were 20 yards away Americans fired, reloaded, and fired again Killed or wounded 1,000 British soldiers Americans ran out of ammunition so they retreated

14 The Battle of Long Island
On July 2, 34,000 British soldiers landed on Staten Island British were helped by the Hessian Army British and Hessian soldiers attacked and defeated the Americans 9,500 Patriots escaped to Manhattan

15 The Battle of Trenton Americans crossed the Delaware River to Trenton
American troops surprised Hessian Army, killed their commander and captured 1,000 troops

16 The Battle of Princeton
British general Cornwallis tried to recapture Trenton George Washington tricked the British by keeping campfires burning and attacked them from behind Cornwallis retreated but some of his men were captured

17 The Battle of Saratoga Turning point of the War of Independence
British lost 5000 men including 7 generals to the American army France and Spain decided to help the Americans

18 Winter at Valley Forge Americans survived a harsh winter with few supplies Many soldiers starved to death because they had no food and no money to buy food from the local farmers America had no way to support their troops Survivors became stronger soldiers and were able to fight with greater courage and more determination

19 The Battle of Yorktown French soldiers blocked the British by sea
French and American soldiers surrounded the British on land The British surrendered ending the war!

20 THE END You have completed the interactive Power Point Presentation of the Battle of the War of Independence You may want to go back and review the material again Be sure you know and understand all of the material in this presentation You will be required to discuss the information in class tomorrow

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