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Millinocket Municipal Airport November 5, 2014 Meeting.

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1 Millinocket Municipal Airport November 5, 2014 Meeting

2 May 1 st to November 30 th (summer hours) Monday – Sunday 8am. – 5Pm. December 1 st – April 30 th (winter hours) Monday – FRIDAY 8am. – 5Pm. Closed Weekends

3 Staffing May 1 st to November 30 th Full-Time Supervisor Part-Time weekends December 1 st – April 30 th Full-Time Supervisor

4 Licenses and Training MDOT - Airport Managers License DEP - Storm Water Program DEP - Underground Storage Operation MDOT – Class B CDL Drivers License Daily Requirements: Airport Supervisor provides all services associated with the operation of the FBO, snow removal, basic grounds keeping, building and runway lighting maintenance, storm water outfall sampling, testing, and record keeping, underground fuel system monitoring and record keeping, and accounting record keeping for Town Treasurer, and is available as necessary after hours for Airport customer service, and emergencies.

5 Millinocket Airport Built by CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) in 1938 Contracted Service prior to 2007 Jeff Campbell hired as the Airport Supervisor in 2007 Created an experimental budget and a Revenue Goal Revenue Goal was met the first year, and doubled by the 4 th year.

6  100 LL Avgas 24 hour self serve pump  Tie – Down Service for Aircraft  Hangar Space for Aircraft Storage  Rental Cars  Hangar Leasing

7  Town of Millinocket, FBO, terminal building, Airport Asset Management, Avgas Sales, Hangar Space Rental, Hangar Leases, Pilot Supplies, Aircraft Oil & Filters, Conference Room, Office Rental, etc.  West Branch Aviation- Operates in a Town owned Hangar and provides Scenic Flights, Survey Flights, Jet Fuel, etc. Purchases avgas and supplies plus leases hangar from the Town.  Noyes Enterprises - Operates in a Town owned hangar and provides aircraft maintenance, etc. Purchases Avgas and supplies, plus leases hangar from the Town.  Jump & Raft – Operates in a Town owned hangar sub-leased from West Branch Aviation and provides Skydiving. Purchases Avgas from the Town.

8  Plain Air Flying - Owns hangar, provides flight training. Purchases Avgas and supplies from the Town.  Bancroft Contracting Inc. – Rents office space from the Town. Owner also purchases Avgas for the company airplane.  Thornton Brothers Inc. – Provides rental cars for airport users and the general public providing a service to the area, and revenue for the Town.

9 2007 – Town installed new avgas fuel system – double wall tank 2009 – On Airport Obstruction Removal 2010 – Off Airport Obstruction Removal 2011 - New Safety Zones Hill Removal and runway lights. New instrument approach to both ends of the runway. 2012- Phase I of the Apron Rehabilitation (south end and taxiway), markings painted on main runway to reflect new FAA standards. 2013 – Phase II of the Apron Rehabilitation(north end and taxiway), markings on crosswind runway painted. 2014 – Design, Permit, and Bid SRE Building - Postponed 2015 – Construct SRE Building – Postponed MDOT has Millinocket on Capital for Runway Crack Seal

10 PO NumberGrant NumberAgency Award Amount FAA StateMunicipal NEG2300300183-23-0030-018-2012FAARehiblitate Terminal Apron - Phase II$600,000.00540,000.0030,000.00 NEG2300300163-23-0030-016-2012FAARehiblitate Terminal Apron$871,687.00784,518.0043,584.50 NEG2300300173-23-0030-017-2012FAAWest Side Master Plan and ALP$30,000.0027,000.00$1,500.00 $1,501,687.001,351,518.0075,084.50


12 Ramp and Apron area before re-construction

13 Phase I Apron Rehabilitation

14 Phase II Apron Rehabilitation

15 Newly painted markings on main runway

16 Maine Forest Service Rescue Training

17 Army National Guard Training Mission

18 Noyes Enterprises Aircraft Restoration

19 Jump and Raft Skydiving

20 West Branch Aviation Refueling JET

21 Life Flight of Maine

22 Annual Fly-In Cruz-In


24 Airport Budget Actual Revenues Actual Expenditures Rev-Exp $102,534.83 $223,000.00 (-$116,081.88)

25 Questions?

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