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Writing Winning Grants Klein ISD Education Foundation 2014 - 2015 Lynne Dozier

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1 Writing Winning Grants Klein ISD Education Foundation 2014 - 2015 Lynne Dozier

2 Grant Review Committee They understand “best practices” in the curriculum areas focused on in your grant. They want to “see” how the money they have to award will impact the learning experiences of youngsters in KISD. They have limited time to evaluate your grant. August 14, 2014Lynne Dozier2

3 Project Planning: Balance ICE Instruction CurriculumEvaluation August 14, 2014Lynne Dozier3 I nstruction (Objectives): What will students learn? C urriculum (Student Activities): How will students learn? E valuation (Assessment): How do we know students have learned?

4 Traditional Assessments true/false matching multiple choice fill in the blanks Effective assessments are reliable and valid Validity: Does the assessment measure what it is supposed to? Reliability: Is the assessment consistent? STANDARDIZED TESTS Criterion- referenced Norm- referenced SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP STAAR Assessment Techniques ATHENTIC ASSESSMENTS Teacher observation Interviews Conferences Oral presentations Essays Summaries, Reports Journals Short answers Projects Self-evaluations Rubrics Performance Demonstrations Exhibitions Experiments Portfolios August 14, 2014 Lynne Dozier 4

5 Writing A Grant Let’s Review: Scoring Rubric/Criteria Model and Example August 14, 2014Lynne Dozier5

6 General Writing Tips: Use key word(s) from “prompt” in opening sentences; Include bullets when appropriate; Change paragraphs as a visual aid to the readers; Use consistent fonts, margins, and white space for “reader friendliness;” Write tight. Eliminate “fillers,” overworked adjectives, all adverbs, passive verbs, educational jargon and “flowery language.” August 14, 2014Lynne Dozier6

7 Tips For Titles: Keep titles short; use subtitles if necessary. Use poetic techniques: Alliteration— “V-cubed: Voyaging Via Video- conference” Puns & Word Play— “The Easel Way to Write” Clever Acronyms— “O. S.C.A.R: Movies Celebrate Books” Metaphor— “Aerobics for the Mind” Statement of Fact— “The Physics of Safe Evacuations” Use nouns/verbs; avoid adjectives and adverbs. August 14, 2014Lynne Dozier7

8 How To Revise & Edit How Do I Edit Passive “be” Verbs? How Do I “Write Tight”? Does Good Grammar Count? How Do I Use A Grammar/Style Checker? (The Writer’s Voice, 20, 22, 30, 34) August 14, 2014Lynne Dozier8

9 Keep in Mind: KEF raises money to give it away; Your ideas deserve funding; Do your homework; Don’t worry about being clever or cute; Do think about being clear, correct and concise; Write the grant and get it out the door. August 14, 2014Lynne Dozier9

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